March 10, 2007

Hurley set for big India marriage

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British actress Elizabeth Hurley and her new husband, Arun Nayar, are set to marry for the second time in the city of Jodhpur in western India.

The couple, who were married last week in a private ceremony in England, will hold a traditional Indian wedding since Nayar has family connections in India.

Security is tight at the royal Umaid Bhavan palace, where the ceremony is expected to be held on Friday evening.

The couple arrived on Wednesday in time for a number of pre-wedding parties.

The wedding will reportedly be conducted according to Indian rituals with a Hindu priest.

There are also reports that Arun Nayar will also arrive at the venue riding a white horse, followed by a marriage procession according to Indian customs.


The bride and groom are expected to wear traditional outfits.

While it is unclear which designer’s creation Ms Hurley will wear, Mr Nayar’s clothes have been designed by friend and Indian designer Rohit Bal.

Among the guests who have turned up for the wedding are Greek prince Nikolaos Pavlos, his girlfriend Titiana, Indian industrialist Gautam Singhania and socialite Parameshwar Godrej.

An astrologer in Jodhpur, Madan Purohit, said Friday was an auspicious day for the couple to get married again.

“From an astrological point of view, if they get married today, they can be assured of a long, successful and happy life together,” he said.

The tight security was beefed up further on the big day to keep paparazzi away.

A staff member at Umaid Bhawan palace said even the palace employees will not be allowed in the Fountain Courtyard, where the couple will tie the knot. Only their guests will be present there at the time.

“Even we want to see the celebrities and such a big wedding taking place in our palace we have been told that we cannot enter there. When people will ask us if we saw it with our own eyes, we will have to lie and tell them that we did,” the member of staff said.

The wedding will be followed by a grand dinner in Mehrangarh fort near the palace.

‘Traditional ambience’

Chefs and additional manpower have been brought in to ensure the function goes off flawlessly.

The general manager of Umaid Bhawan palace, Sanjay Uma Shankar, said the marriage venue was being given a traditional ambience.

The couple arrived in Jodhpur on Wednesday evening and began a three-day long wedding party that will culminate in the main function.

On Wednesday, they reportedly played a cricket match in the moonlight on the grounds of the palace.

On Thursday the entire group went to Nagaur fort where they had an evening of dance and music. There was a performance by well-known Indian drummer Sivamani and musician Louis Banks.

A special theme song was also reportedly performed by Rajasthani folk dancers.

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta flew in with boyfriend Ness Wadia to join in the festivities.

The entire group spent the night there in royal tents and will return back to Jodhpur on Friday afternoon to prepare for the big evening.

The couple will check out of the palace on Saturday morning and are expected to fly back to Mumbai (Bombay) the same day.


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