January 26, 2007

My Chemical Romance Laugh Off Kasabian Criticism

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My Chemical Romance Laugh Off Kasabian Criticism…. My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has branded Kasabian “ignorant”, after the British band recently slammed his records as “ventriloquists’ music”.

The Welcome To The Black Parade singer insists he was amused by Kasabian star Tom Meighan’s comments.

Meighan said, “It’s like ventriloquists’ music. It’s weird and dark. They don’t have anything positive to say. The only good news is that it won’t last.

These clowns won’t be around for much longer.

“Their make-up will flake off and the scene will die out. And it can’t happen soon enough.”

But Way hits back, “It was obviously meant as a slam, but it was so poorly worded that it ended up sounding like a compliment!. ‘Weird and dark’… that just makes them kind of ignorant.

“This band has never had a bulls**t war ever. I haven’t found an opponent worthy enough yet.

“If you’re gonna take me on, you’d better have the balls for it! If you’re gonna talk s**t about us, you’d better have the juice. And we haven’t found anybody with the juice yet.”

Elijah Wood was shocked when he was attacked by Jared Leto at an awards show recently (06), because The Lord Of The Rings star said he didn’t like Leto’s band.

The 26-year-old star was attending the Mtvu Woodie Awards in November when Leto, who is the lead singer of cult act 30 Seconds To Mars, approached his table.

Leto came over, whispered in Wood’s ear and walked away, but then turned around, grabbed him by the throat and called him a “f**king a**hole”.

Wood tells Jane magazine, “He was basically upset at the fact that I said I didn’t like his band. He said that initially and walked away.

“I guess he thought I was laughing at him, but I was more shell-shocked and telling people around me, ‘Whoa, I just got told off by Jared Leto for not liking his band.’ And that’s when he came back and grabbed me.”

He adds, “I told Jared it wasn’t personal. He acted like I’d been disrespecting him or speaking about his family.

“Things like that don’t usually happen to me. I’m very non-confrontational.

The whole thing was kind of ridiculous.”



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