May 12, 2006

Elton and Flintoff Duet

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Sir Elton John thrilled England cricketer Andrew Flintoff when he invited him to sing with him at a charity bash this week (09MAY06) – but the sportsman ruined the moment by singing off key.

Elton, who spotted Flintoff from the stage, jokingly introduced him as his impromptu "special guest" and asked him to duet with him on Rocket Man.

But Flintoff admits his enthusiasm outweighed his singing prowess.

He says, "Elton was brilliant but I'm afraid I was a bit out of tune and managed to ruin the chorus.

"I sang in the school choir – but this was a bit different!

"Elton is one of my idols and to sing with him was the chance of a lifetime.

"When he called me up on to the stage, I couldn't really say no, could I?"



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