May 12, 2006

Alicia Keys To Juggle Film And Music

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R&B star Alicia Keys has hailed Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand as her ultimate idols for the way they juggled their music with acting.

The FALLIN' hitmaker makes her big screen debut in Smokin' Aces alongside Hollywood heavyweight Ben Affleck and is currently filming The Nanny Diaries With Scarlett Johansson.

But she confesses her greatest dream is to combine her silver screen roles with sassy soundtracks, although she admits it will take time to master.

Keys tells MTV, "I think later on I'll try getting into acting as well as doing the entire soundtrack. But right now I want to focus directly on the acting. You never know."


Paris Hiltons Jealous Swipe At Hilton

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Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has branded her former best friend Nicole Richie "jealous" and has even written a song about the end of their friendship.

The Simple Life stars mysteriously fell out in January 2005 and have refused to divulge the reason behind the rift.

But Hilton insists the blame lies with Richie and has hit out at her envy in thinly-disguised track Jealousy – which will feature on her upcoming debut album.

She tells Out magazine, "It's a song about any girl. Any girl has a girlfriend that's jealous of you. It's the meanest, most evil thing that can take over you.

"I brought her (Richie) on The Simple Life, and all of a sudden she became this different person. She dropped her old friends and now she's someone else.

"That's not the girl I know. That's similar to the lyrics in Jealousy."

Meanwhile Nicole Richie has finally explained the reason behind her mysterious feud with her The Simple Life Co-star Paris Hilton.

The socialites had a much-publicised fall-out in January 2005 and have famously refused to divulge the reason behind their rift.

But Richie now insists she steered clear of her former pal after a stint in rehab made her reassess her priorities.

She tells Vanity Fair, "When I got out of rehab, I had to figure out what path to go down, and part of that included taking certain people out of my life.

"I just decided I didn't want to be her (Hilton's) friend anymore. We're just two completely different people; we don't have that much in common."

Elton and Flintoff Duet

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Sir Elton John thrilled England cricketer Andrew Flintoff when he invited him to sing with him at a charity bash this week (09MAY06) – but the sportsman ruined the moment by singing off key.

Elton, who spotted Flintoff from the stage, jokingly introduced him as his impromptu "special guest" and asked him to duet with him on Rocket Man.

But Flintoff admits his enthusiasm outweighed his singing prowess.

He says, "Elton was brilliant but I'm afraid I was a bit out of tune and managed to ruin the chorus.

"I sang in the school choir – but this was a bit different!

"Elton is one of my idols and to sing with him was the chance of a lifetime.

"When he called me up on to the stage, I couldn't really say no, could I?"

Destiny’s Child Kelly Slams Dad Rumours

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Kelly Rowland has lashed out at reports she shares a biological father with her former Destiny's Child bandmate Beyonce Knowles.

The Survivor singer lived with the Knowles family from the age of eleven after her home life fell apart.

But she insists claims naming Matthew Knowles as her father are "lies from the pit of hell."

She says, "My parents' situation was so terrible. I don't know where I would be if my real father was still in my life.

"He hasn't tried to find me and I have not tried to find him."

Ronan Keating – No More Mr Nice Guy

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The Irish singer says he has a dark side and is not as innocent as people think.

He revealed to Britain’s Closer magazine: "All the Mr Nice stuff is a bit f**king annoying. I drink too much, I smoke when I’m drunk, and I wake up feeling like something’s died in my mouth."

The 29-year-old star has also revealed he has been concentrating on spending quality time with his family before the release of his fourth solo album.

Ronan was forced to take a break from singing when he collapsed in Vienna during a European tour.

He said: "I was in terrible pain and fainted by the roadside. That was when I told myself I had to slow down."

Kelly Osbourne Wants Arms Like Madonna

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The troubled star, daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, has shed the pounds in recent months and admits the sexy singer was her inspiration to slim down.

She said: "It's strange because I've been a slacker my whole life and now I've figured out that I actually like working out. I want to be like Madonna."

The outspoken singer – who once covered Madonna's classic hit 'Papa Don't Preach' – has slimmed down to nine stone after hooking up with a personal trainer.

She added: "When I see pictures of myself from about eight months ago it really shocks me because my whole face has changed – my nose is smaller now and I have a collar bone."

Kelly’s recent image overhaul has even landed her modelling contract – much to her surprise.

She revealed to Glamour magazine: "I was wetting myself laughing as I was signing it."

Sienna Miller Has Balls – Mena Suvari

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The 'American Beauty' star says she was very impressed by the blonde actress’ work ethic when they worked together on new film 'Factory Girl'.

She said: "Man, does that chick have some balls! I mean that girl threw her all into that film."

Sienna actress also made an impression on co-star Hayden Christensen -and the pair were reported to have enjoyed a brief fling.

However, rumours are now rife the blonde beauty has rekindled her romance with sometime boyfriend Jude Law.

Kylie Minogue Hates Spending Her Cash – Danni

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The brunette beauty claims her spendthrift sibling, who has won her fight with breast cancer, spends hours tracking down bargains when out shopping.

Dannii said: "She’s the biggest bargain-hunter in the world, she could teach anyone a trick or two! I’m not as good as my sister."

It is not the first time Kylie has been revealed to be tight with her cash.

It was previously reported that the diminutive singer bought the now world famous gold hotpants she wore in her ‘Spinning Around’ music video for just 50p.

Charlie Sheen Denies Itzlers Accusation

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CHARLIE SHEEN has denied accusations from a jailed escort agency owner that he enjoyed sex romps with two call girls.

JASON ITZLER – who is incarcerated on Riker's Island, New York, on prostitution and money-laundering charges – alleges the PLATOON star hired two of the sexiest girls from his New York Confidential escort service and dressed them as cheerleaders.

He says, "They loved Charlie. They said he was a great guy and a great lover.

"One time, he had them dress up like cheerleaders and they chanted, 'Charlie, Charlie, he's our man! If he can't do it, nobody can!'" But Sheen's publicist STAN ROSENFIELD tells, "Charlie says the story is 100 per cent bogus. (Itzler) is just trying to save his ass."

Sheen and his wife DENISE RICHARDS are currently embroiled in acrimonious divorce proceedings, with Richards claiming in legal papers the actor was obsessed with internet porn and gambling and made threats towards her and her family when Richards first decided their marriage was over last year (05).

Da Vinci Code Starts Indian Riots,

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Controversial new movie adaptation THE DA VINCI CODE has prompted religious protests in the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay).

Hundreds of Catholic stalwarts yesterday (11MAY06) gathered outside a convent school in the city in a bid to stop the film's release next week (19MAY06), blasting it as an attack on their faith.

Members of the Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) have taken offence to the movie's depiction of Catholic group Opus Dei as corrupt, out-dated and at the centre of a cover-up of the truth about Jesus Christ.

CSF general secretary JOSEPH DIAS says, "Activists will go on a fast unto death if the government fails to take action against anti-Christian movies.

"You can't make fiction on a religious figure. Tempers are already running quite high and there's no way of saying what could happen if the movie is released."

In a statement, the group added: "The Da Vinci Code is offensive as it hit certain basic foundations of the religion."

The protest is the second in a week by the CSF after Tuesday (09MAY06) saw approximately one hundred demonstrators take to the streets outside a Mumbai church and burn copies of the DAN BROWN novel.

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