February 11, 2006

Leon Lai Soon To Be Father

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Leon Lai Ming has been dating girlfriend, model Gaile Lok, for 4 months. There have been rumors circulating that Gaile is pregnant with Leon’s baby for 2 months. But Leon has not responded to the rumors. Also Gaile’s management agent has emphasized that Gaile’s work has not changed.

In the past, Leon has been quite secretive about his dating relationships. But this time, he has been very public with new love-interest, Gaile. For the Lunar New Year holiday, Leon and Gaile went away on vacation. First, they flew to Japan [which is very cold now] and then they continued their vacation by traveling to Bali, which has a lot of warm beaches and sunshine. They went away on vacation for a total of 10 days.

After Leon and Gaile returned to Hong Kong from their vacation, the papparazzi took photos of the loving couple. A report also pointed out that Gaile’s belly was protruding slightly, appearing to be pregnant. Also Gaile did not appear at a previously arranged promotion event, adding to the media’s speculation that she was with child.

When the media questioned Gaile’s management agency, the representative said they will not respond to the rumors, but emphasized that Gaile did not appear at the promotional event because of scheduling conflicts. Also the rumor that Gaile will stop future work is false, as she has a full schedule ahead of her.


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