February 11, 2006

Leo Ku & Cecilia Cheung Sponsored By A Diamond Company

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Leo Ku & Cecilia Cheung Sponsored By A Diamond Company

Movie, My Kungfu Sweetheart, had its premier on Thursday night. Leo Ku, Cecilia Cheng, Yuen Wah and Wong Jing’s daughter attended the premier. In the movie, Wong Jing’s daughter plays the child version of Cecilia. The film had premiered in mainland earlier and received some good results. Leo and Cecilia are now sponsored by a diamond company. Leo received a diamond watch costing $120 000. Leo expressed that he felt pressured when wearing the watch because normally he would never buy such an expensive watch. As for his earnings, Leo’s parents are in charge of helping him save. Leo said that he once lost thousands of dollars when investing on a house in 1997 and expressed that even he had some more shows in his concerts, he will not be able to earn the money back! When asked how much money he has, Leo stated that he did not know.

Recently, a magazine published pictures of Leo and his assistant shopping in Japan. Leo stepped out to explain that that was his image/style artist and they were shopping for clothes for his new album. It is said that when he realised he was being followed, Leo immediately ran away leaving his image artist. Leo explained that his image artist told him to run to the car and that he would never do such a thing. The article also accused Leo of treating his assistant like a slave, Leo expressed that at that time, many fans were asking him to take photos and sign autographs and so, his assistant helped him carry his things. Leo believes that he is not that sort of person and that this is just a small issue.

Earlier, Justin Lo said that he would take sneak pictures of the reporters. Leo 100% supports Justin and said that Justin’s idea is a like a big tree and he will join in. Leo believes that the reporters are only doing their job and having the ‘stalking’ reporters is already a truth.

On the other hand, Leo yesterday attended Po Leung Kok’s function.


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