February 11, 2006

Andy Lau already got married secretly

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Alan Tam Wing Lun has to gain 50 lbs to suit the character in his new movie. He has already gained 28 lbs within 6 days. After the weight gain, Alan has experienced difficulty in breathing.

Alan took his good friends out to eat dinner and after drinking some liquor, Alan said that Andy Lau Tak Wah should reveal the identity of Andy’s wife.

Alan said that for his new movie, he will be playing an overweight man, so he has gained 28 lbs. “Right now, I weigh 178 lbs. The director said my weight is fine, but I have to maintain it for 5 months.”

How did you gain so much weight in a short time? Alan said, “Just take a big gulp of air and you can gain weight!” After several drinks, Alan started talking oddly.

Earlier, Alan publicly passed on his secret to Hacken Lee on how to make sure Hacken’s fiance will bear him a son. Andy Lau joked and said he should learn from Alan too. Alan said, “Andy should know too!” But Andy said that Alan has to admit to having a son [born of wedlock] first, then it will prove the method works.

Alan said, “I never denied [that I have a son]. It is time for Andy to learn my secret on how to bear a son too. Now society is so open; it is time for Andy to bring her out.”

Reporter: “Andy should bring whom out?”

Alan: “Her…what is Andy’s wife’s name? I have made my sacrifices too; everyone should bring out [their wives too]. Whatever the public thinks, it doesn’t matter.”


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