February 11, 2006

Andy Lau to form mature boy group – F40

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Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau had just completed his filming committments, he would be committing himself into singing performance as he approach Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung to form a mature boy group, as their average age is 40-years-old, Andy suggested to name the group F40. Attention all audience, there would be a new boy group in the Chinese music industry, wrong, it would be a mature boy group, the group leader would be Andy as he says: “We’re the mature group, then in our movements, our style to show off the charisma of 40-year-old male(s).” The group name would be called F40 as concidentally that their average age is 40-years-old, but it seems that the other 2 members have comments on the group name. Felix said: “F40, we had exceeded 40 lar, should have called 40 plus.” Lam said: “It doesn’t concern me, I’m not yet 40.” Exposing their age in their group name can be understand as by looking at them rehearsing their dance, for the simple movements of putting out their hands, turning rounds, drawing circles with their hand, move forward 4 steps before making a turn, they did a 2266, they must admit that they’re old. Luckily that they are the evergreen in showbiz, without stamina, they had the determination, they believe that their performance this Friday, F40 would make it in their first battle but Andy still wants to have different looks in-front of the screen as his allegation is catching the most attention as there’s a magazine report that Andy and his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian visited a famous snake temple in Kuala Lumpur to pray for a son, the temple also show a record book showing Andy had donated $500 ringgit and a thank-you sign. Whether it’s true or false, need not ask, Andy would surely deny everything.


Fiona Yuen Attends Ball With Rich Boyfriend

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Since it has been revealed that Fiona Yuen Choi Wan has been dating tycoon Wu Ying Seung’s son, Wu Man Sun, Fiona has become the object of attention of the media. Yesterday, Prada had a Spring 2006 fashion show, of which many members of elite society appeared. Fiona was at the Prada fashion show, as well as Cathy Tsui Tsi Kei, whose boyfriend is wealthy man Lee Ka Sing. Cathy has been dating her boyfriend Lee Ka Sing for 2 years and they are still deeply in love. Although Cathy has previously said that if they do not get married this year, then they should break up. Despite this, Cathy and Mr. Lee just came back from a vacation in Japan. It is highly possible that Cathy may get married with Mr. Lee anytime. Other celebrities present at the Prada fashion show included Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Carina Lau Ka Ling. Casino mogul, Stanley Ho (Josie Ho’s father), was also present. The reporter asked Fiona how she will be spending her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend? Fiona said, “Maybe we will be spending it with a couple of friends. I want to play matchmaker for one of my friends.” Will you marry quickly? “Probably not; we don’t want to rush marriage.”

Felix Wong & Gordon Lam Guests In Andy Lau’s Concert

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Felix Wong Yat Wah and Gordon Lam Ka Tung will act as special guests at Andy Lau Tak Wah’s upcoming Metro Radio Music Concert. Both Felix and Gordon will be singing and dancing at Andy’s concert.

Yesterday Andy, Felix, and Gordon practiced their dancing routine together. Asking Gordon how the practice went, he said, “After practicing for 3 hours, it’s been okay. If you make a mistake in a fast dance sequence, it is less noticeable. However if you make a mistake in a slow dance, it will be more obvious.”

Felix said he did well in the dance routine as well. “I remember 20 years ago when I was doing a dance sequence, I wasn’t feeling well so they had to cut back on some of the choreography steps. Andy’s arrangement this time scared me, but I could not refuse to appear as a guest in his concert.” But Felix felt certain that on the night of the performance, the main focus will be on Andy himself, so Felix and Gordon would not have to feel too pressured.

Andy has just been nominated as Best Actor for his role in “Wait Till You’re Older” in the 25th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards. Felix felt that Andy has a high chance to win the Best Actor award again. Although the other actors put in strong performances too, Felix felt that Aaron Kwok Fu Sing probably has the lowest chance, as Simon Yam Tat Wah is the black horse, and the hottest front runners are Andy Lau and Tony Leung Ka Fai. Felix felt that the probability that the Best Actor award will go to either Andy or Tony is 50/50. When the reporter pointed out that Tony Leung, due to scheduling conflict, may not be able to appear at the awards ceremony, Felix said then the odds are 60/40 in favor of Andy.

Gordon said he is still a newcomer to the movie industry so he could not put in his opinions for the Best Actor category, but he did feel that Zhou Xun from “Perhaps Love” has a good chance for Best Actress. As for Felix, he feels that Karen Mok Man Wai from “Wait Till You’re Older” has a good chance of winning, and for Best Supporting Actor, either Wu Kwan or Anthony Wong Chau Sung.

Leon Lai Soon To Be Father

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Leon Lai Ming has been dating girlfriend, model Gaile Lok, for 4 months. There have been rumors circulating that Gaile is pregnant with Leon’s baby for 2 months. But Leon has not responded to the rumors. Also Gaile’s management agent has emphasized that Gaile’s work has not changed.

In the past, Leon has been quite secretive about his dating relationships. But this time, he has been very public with new love-interest, Gaile. For the Lunar New Year holiday, Leon and Gaile went away on vacation. First, they flew to Japan [which is very cold now] and then they continued their vacation by traveling to Bali, which has a lot of warm beaches and sunshine. They went away on vacation for a total of 10 days.

After Leon and Gaile returned to Hong Kong from their vacation, the papparazzi took photos of the loving couple. A report also pointed out that Gaile’s belly was protruding slightly, appearing to be pregnant. Also Gaile did not appear at a previously arranged promotion event, adding to the media’s speculation that she was with child.

When the media questioned Gaile’s management agency, the representative said they will not respond to the rumors, but emphasized that Gaile did not appear at the promotional event because of scheduling conflicts. Also the rumor that Gaile will stop future work is false, as she has a full schedule ahead of her.

Andy Lau already got married secretly

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Alan Tam Wing Lun has to gain 50 lbs to suit the character in his new movie. He has already gained 28 lbs within 6 days. After the weight gain, Alan has experienced difficulty in breathing.

Alan took his good friends out to eat dinner and after drinking some liquor, Alan said that Andy Lau Tak Wah should reveal the identity of Andy’s wife.

Alan said that for his new movie, he will be playing an overweight man, so he has gained 28 lbs. “Right now, I weigh 178 lbs. The director said my weight is fine, but I have to maintain it for 5 months.”

How did you gain so much weight in a short time? Alan said, “Just take a big gulp of air and you can gain weight!” After several drinks, Alan started talking oddly.

Earlier, Alan publicly passed on his secret to Hacken Lee on how to make sure Hacken’s fiance will bear him a son. Andy Lau joked and said he should learn from Alan too. Alan said, “Andy should know too!” But Andy said that Alan has to admit to having a son [born of wedlock] first, then it will prove the method works.

Alan said, “I never denied [that I have a son]. It is time for Andy to learn my secret on how to bear a son too. Now society is so open; it is time for Andy to bring her out.”

Reporter: “Andy should bring whom out?”

Alan: “Her…what is Andy’s wife’s name? I have made my sacrifices too; everyone should bring out [their wives too]. Whatever the public thinks, it doesn’t matter.”

Twins, Ecstatic To Be Performing At Andy’s Mini Concert

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Twins, Ecstatic To Be Performing At Andy’s Mini Concert

Twins has been invited to perform in Andy Lau’s Metro mini concert. They will be singing 3 songs with Andy. On Thursday, when rehearsing for the concert, Charlene said that Andy was a great older generation artist, both prestigious and willing to help the young ones. Being invited to perform at his mini concert, Twins feel extremely honoured. Gillian has been captivated at the heart by Andy and says that Andy is extremely considerate of others.

Leo Ku & Cecilia Cheung Sponsored By A Diamond Company

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Leo Ku & Cecilia Cheung Sponsored By A Diamond Company

Movie, My Kungfu Sweetheart, had its premier on Thursday night. Leo Ku, Cecilia Cheng, Yuen Wah and Wong Jing’s daughter attended the premier. In the movie, Wong Jing’s daughter plays the child version of Cecilia. The film had premiered in mainland earlier and received some good results. Leo and Cecilia are now sponsored by a diamond company. Leo received a diamond watch costing $120 000. Leo expressed that he felt pressured when wearing the watch because normally he would never buy such an expensive watch. As for his earnings, Leo’s parents are in charge of helping him save. Leo said that he once lost thousands of dollars when investing on a house in 1997 and expressed that even he had some more shows in his concerts, he will not be able to earn the money back! When asked how much money he has, Leo stated that he did not know.

Recently, a magazine published pictures of Leo and his assistant shopping in Japan. Leo stepped out to explain that that was his image/style artist and they were shopping for clothes for his new album. It is said that when he realised he was being followed, Leo immediately ran away leaving his image artist. Leo explained that his image artist told him to run to the car and that he would never do such a thing. The article also accused Leo of treating his assistant like a slave, Leo expressed that at that time, many fans were asking him to take photos and sign autographs and so, his assistant helped him carry his things. Leo believes that he is not that sort of person and that this is just a small issue.

Earlier, Justin Lo said that he would take sneak pictures of the reporters. Leo 100% supports Justin and said that Justin’s idea is a like a big tree and he will join in. Leo believes that the reporters are only doing their job and having the ‘stalking’ reporters is already a truth.

On the other hand, Leo yesterday attended Po Leung Kok’s function.

Korean Music Chart (1st Week of February, 2006),

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1 Fighter – SS501
2 One – Dongbangshingi
3 Twins – Super Junior
4 Being Manly – Fly To The Sky
5 Time Limit – V.O.S
6 Giveaway Gift – NRG
7 Word Hard to Say – Lee Seung-gi
8 Oopsy – Shim Eun-jin
9 Battle – M (Min Woo)
10 Love Is Pain – M.C. The Max

Banned: Miriam’s movie……..poster

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The poster for the Miriam’s movie “2 Become 1” has been banned from Hong Kong subways due to its apparent vulgarity.

The movie, due for release in Asia on March 2nd, co-stars Richie Ren and Miriam Yeung and is directed by Wing-cheong Law.

The poster depicts a half-naked woman with her breasts showing through computer jigsaw effects.

The actress Miriam Yeung has reacted strongly to the ban stating there is no pornography in the movie. The design is apparently meant as a positive promotion for women’s public health. If the breast was wholly hidden, the poster’s message wouldn’t work at all. The subway department seems too sensitive regarding the subject of female breasts.

The movie is adapted from a novel called “Mourning for Breast?. In a comedic manner it tells the story of white-collar Bingbing, a woman suffering from breast cancer. The amusing but moving movie has won viewer group approval as well as praise from the State Administration of Radio, Film and TV.

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A one-hour documentary about the production of the hit drama “Revenge? is being produced by a Korean production agency at the behest of Japanese satellite channel So-net Channel749 run by Sony Communication Network Corp, a subsidiary of global electronics giant Sony. The documentary includes interviews with the drama’s producer Park Chan-hong, writer Kim Ji-woo, and cast members Uhm Tae-woong, Ko Ju-won, Han Ji-min and So Yi-hyun.

A source from the local production agency said Thursday that the documentary is being produced to coincide with the broadcasting of “Revenge? on So-net Channel749 from April.

“It is very rare to make a special documentary for a Korean drama,? he said. “The Japanese company is also showing keen interest in an event celebrating the release of the director’s edition of ‘Revenge,’ which will be organized by the drama’s fans on March 5 to coincide with the release of the DVD. It also plans to cover this event to make another special program.?

“Revenge,? which aired on KBS2 TV from June until April of last year, failed to achieve a high viewer rating, but was hailed as one of the best dramas, sending lead actor Uhm to stardom and generating many enthusiastic fans.

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