January 24, 2006

SG Wannabe sells 400,000 copies of its album in 2005

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The situation in the domestic music record market was gloomy last year. According to the Recording Industry Association of Korea (, only one album recorded sales of over 400,000 copies in 2005; sales of another four barely surpassed 200,000 copies and those of 14 others were slightly above the 100,000-copy mark.

Sales of the second album from the music band SG Wannabe (including a special edition) outnumbered those of the third album from singer Kim Jong-kuk by 170,000 copies to reach 414,855 copies. The band also sold 147,047 copies of its remake album that ranked 12th, thus recording total record sales of 561,902 copies last year.

The runner-up was singer Kim Jong-kuk, the winner of last year’s top music awards from all three major broadcasters in Korea, whose third album recorded sales of 243,211 copies. He was followed by the young-generation band Buzz (233,082 copies), the male group TVXQ (222,472 copies)–which has the most fan clubs among Korean singers, and singer Hwi-sung (213,594 copies, 3rd album).

A total of 14 singers and bands saw their albums post sales of over 100,000 copies, including MC the Max (184,716 copies), Shin Hye-sung (183,463 copies), Big Mama (163,442 copies), M (161,104 copies), Cho Sung-mo (155,523 copies) and Hwi-sung (152,665 copies, 4th album).

Of those, Hwi-sung recorded total album sales of 366,259 copies in 2005 alone as he released both his third and fourth album in a single year.

Last year, music charts were mostly dominated by ballad songs from SG Wannabe, Kim Jong-kuk, Buzz, MC the Max, Shin Hye-sung, Big Mama and Cho Sung-mo. Members of music bands who debuted solo, such as Kim Jong-kuk, Shin Hye-sung, M and Yoon Do-hyun, also performed impressively.

Among remake albums that inundated the music market last year, albums from SG Wannabe, Na-ul and Lee Sung-chul broke the 100,000-copy mark, ranking among the top 20.


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