January 24, 2006

Our…… Liza Wang

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credits to Yesasia and

Ming Pao Daily

TVB will be recapping Liza’s series for 3 consecutive months.

“Our…… Liza Wang”

Liza, who is considered as a Jewel of TVB, has been filming many classical and unforgettable series for TVB for the past 30 years. With Liza’s excellent acting skills and looks that is suitable for both modern and ancient series, there’s hardly any characters that would act as an obstacle for Liza. Out of the many series that was filmed by Liza, TVB chose 9 series to entertain and enthrall the audience.
1.《京è?¯æ˜¥å¤¢ã€‹- Yesterday’s Glitter
2.《楊門女將》戰場奮勇抗敵 – Yang’s Female Warriors
3.《倚天屠é¾?記》(Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber)
4.《è?¬æ°´å?ƒå±±ç¸½æ˜¯æƒ…》- Love and Passion
5.《四季情》一人分飾兩角 – Four Season Love
6.《秋瑾》讀書習武推翻王æœ? – A Woman To Remember
7.《紫钗记》- Legend of the Purple Hairpin
8.《金葉è?Šã€‹- The Golden Chrysanthemum
9.《趙五娘》- Lady With The Lute

(from 22nd Jan, every Sunday, 8pm-12mdnight)
Starring Liza Wang, Damian Lau, Hon Ma Lai

Adapted from the novel, “Jin Fen Shi Jia,” the TV drama series, “Yesterday’s Glitter,” is one of the TV masterpieces in the 80s. This piece of work has also turned Liza Wang and Damian Lau into one of the most charming couples on TV. It is truly a classic masterpiece that you do not want to miss!

Damian Lau – Kum Jun Sai
Liza Wang – Ho Yin Chow
Hon Ma Lai – Hung Lai Chu

This is a classic series by TVB and is called by many to be one of the saddest series ever produced. The series focuses on the downfall of the wealthy Kum Family. Damian Lau plays the Kum family’s seventh child, the youngest son, Jun Sai. Jun Sai’s father is a successful business man in China. He has three older brothers, the eldest and third brother were only interested in sex, money, and gambling. His second brother smokes and eventually dies from lung cancer.

One day, while Damian was horse back riding, he sees a bunch of school girls catching butterflies. He quickly notices Yin Chow and developed a huge crush on her. He eventually moves next door to Yin Chow to court her. They got married after Jun Sai got Yin Chow pregnant.

Lai Chu was Jun Sai’s ex-girlfriend who is the sister of a General. Lai Chu is a spoiled brat who disliked Yin Chow from the start. It began when Yin Chow was over at Lai Chu’s house to sell a painting. Her hatred deepened when Yin Chow married Jun Sai. Lai Chu eventually destroys Jun Sai and Yin Chow’s marriage to avenge the humiliation of being dumped by Jun Sai for a poor girl.

The Kum family was well off until the death of the family’s father (the main source of income). The two older brothers were useless. Instead of making income for the family, they were gambling it way. The two brothers accidentally burned down the mansion when they were fighting for a jade buddha. Everybody thought that Yin Chow and her son were killed in the fire. The two brothers eventually left the family with their wives, stealing what’s left of the family’s valuables.

When Jun Sai discovers Lai Chu lied to him and caused the divorce of his marriage with Yin Chow, he accidentally kills Lai Chu. He became the most wanted man in China and this leads Jun Sai to go in hiding. He eventually finds out that Yin Chow is not dead and he goes out to search for her. Jun Sai is now a beggar and he develops lung cancer as well. He reunites with both of his brother who are now poor. His eldest brother is still an addictive gambler and rats on Jun Sai for reward money. However, instead of getting the reward money he ends up being killed by the gang who owns the gambling ring.

Jun Sai runs into an old deserted temple to hide and he hears little kids singing a song that Yin Chow sang before. It turned out that one of the kid is his son. He sees Yin Chow again but she refuses to forgive him. When Yin Chow desides to forgive Jun Sai, it was already too late and Jun Sai dies in her arms.

Summary credits to credits 2


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