January 24, 2006

Leehom’s book autograph signing session

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Leehom was at Xin Yi’s Eslite bookstore for his book autograph signing session. He attracted lots of his female fans as usual and also a male fan who looks extremely like the man himself. This fan is called Chris and is 19 years old. He studies in America and admires Leehom. He has started to collect Leehom’s album since he was 14 years old and said he does not want to become a star himself.

This mini Leehom has attracted many fans to scream and take photos of him.
Leehom released his 2nd score book “Shangri-La” and in his new book, his younger brother has written something for him. He praises and recommends his brother’s words. Leehom is single and tries to seek a marriage for his brother. He said his brother is a great guy, who’s tall and handsome. He has brought up his brother himself and protective of him, therefore the girlfriend criteria for his brother would be the girl must not hurt him (feeling-wise).

Leehom’s concert is scheduled for March and he said “I can practice with this score book!” David had his concert at Taipei Arena last night and he said he really wanted to go and watch the concert, however he didn’t have the time. He managed to visit David during his rehearsal earlier though. Leehom brought pears along with him and said “David loves pears and so do I!”


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