January 24, 2006

Leehom is caught in the middle

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The 2006 Hit Pop Music Awards was held at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall last night. Leehom and Jolin won the Hito Male and female artist and Jay won 6 awards. Although Jay and Jolin had no collaboration on stage, Jolin has peeked at Jay several times and when Jay looked her way, Jolin has already looked somewhere else. Leehom who was in the middle was embarrassed.

The concert met it’s “Fight Music” theme and the performance by 30 artists from Jungiery started off the marathon concert. The fans responded wildly and continued through the rain.

The “ex-lovers” Jay and Jolin were on the same stage when the 10 pop song
awards were announced. Jay was suppose to stand between Leehom and Jolin,
however, Leehom turned and ended up standing in between them. Dennis the MC
cheekily asked Jolin and Jay to stand together however Jay avoided that and
their eyes didn’t even meet last night. Even when they were interviewed by the media, they did it one after another and avoided being interviewed at the same time.

Jolin said, they didn’t talk to each other on the stairs but managed to say
hi. They don’t feel embarrassed and blame the press for being too nosy. When Jolin was asked about their standing positions on the stage she said “We didn’t really care at the end and wasn’t standing at the place we were told to, but we did say hi to each other.” Leehom said “The award ceremony is suppose to be fun so I did try to stand out of the way.” Jay said “About the standing positions, you will have to ask Leehom, but I think everything is fine.”

As Jay released his album quite late, he lost a lot of points to Leehom. He ended up taking “The most popular voted male artist”, “Asia’s Media award”, “The Hito song award of the year”, “Hito producer”, “The most loved song of the year” and “Hito composer-artist of the year”. Jay said “I will continue with my style and continue to slur my words (pronunciation).

Leehom’s popularity continued to rise this year and took “Hito Male artist”, “Hito music arrangement”, “The most popular voted composer-artist” and “The Hito song of the year”. Jolin who’s in the same record company managed to win the “Hito female artist” for 3 consecutive years.

*The Award will broadcast on Azio Channel on 29th of Jan, 2006.*


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