January 24, 2006

Leehom acts as a Women’s Skincare Series Spokesperson

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This is the first time Leehom has become a spokesperson for a women’s skincare series. He is involved in the TV adverts and the magazine adverts and in the premiere of the advert, Leehom has approved the unique beauty of women.

The company chose Leehom of his healthy image and the popularity he has with
the females. After market research, they have invited Leehom to become Cassatt skincare series’ spokesperson.

Cassatt has invited Leehom as the spokesperson and he was also able to give his opinions on the advert and the photo shoots. His song “Di Yi Ge Qing Chen” is the theme song of Cassatt.

The advert’s press conference will be held on the 26th. Leehom will be attending the press conference along with many VIPs from various companies. The NT10,000,000 advert will also premier on TV the same day.

Leehom says it is his first time being the spokesperson for women’s skincare
and he feels honoured to be chosen.


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