January 24, 2006

Kenny and Isabella Has a ‘Close’ Relationship

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Kenny Kwan and Isabella Leung has always been cooperating with each other. Earlier they even had wedding comercial photoshoot as ‘Mr. and Mrs. Kwan’. Let’s see what this pair of onscreen couple has to say!

Meeting in Subway
K: We’ve known each other for 2 and a half years already. We met each other when we filmed a subway comercial.

I: What was your first impression of me?

K: Wah! You scared me to death! When you came out, your hair looked like an Egyptian king with alot of makeup, like a ghost. To tell you the truth, I’ve kept that picture until now. If you don’t believe me, I can show you.

I: But I don’t have that much of an impression on you, maybe it’s because I was shy.

K: You shy? When we were filming all night, you ate all the snacks and left me nothing.

I: But I’ve just gotten more familiar with you this year. I think we match alot when we film together now, like the wedding comercials. You just hugged me without asking me, that cannot happen if it’s another person.

Brother Sister Relationship
K: You made it seem like I’m a perverted kid! Hey, am I your cup of tea?

I: Somewhat, I like how you are hardworking the most. You have to be hardworking if you’re my boyfriend, but I think we are better off friends.

K: Hardworking? I think you like mature guys, I’m not mature enough so maybe it’ll be better 10 years later. How about this, if you become an old unmarried ‘grandma’ and I don’t have a wife yet, I’ll marry you. But that will never happen since you have alot like that guy before.

I: Which guy? It has always been you! Then what do you think about me? Do I match you?

K: I didn’t have alot of feel before and thought you were just a little girl pretending to be mature. Now that you’re a young beautiful girl and is very open, the feel is very different.

I: In my heart, you are kind of like the brother feel. You take care of me and is a good secret keeper, I give you 100 points!

K: Thank you then. I remember most about the time when you got really sick and you immediately helped me film the mv when you flew back. The director told me to call you, but I didn’t want to. So I told my mom to give you bird nest to eat to repay you back.

I: If I find a boyfriend in the future, do I need your approval?

K: I’m just scared that you’ll get threatened by him..

Earning Money Together
I: We actually don’t spend alot of time together besides work. I’ve wanted to invite you to go yachting earlier but never did, so I’m very sorry.

K: No, if you have problems you’ll definately find me. We always talk when it’s work time.

I: You always cooperate with me, would you think it’s boring?

K: Why would I? If the comercial company think we’re matching, then we can continue to earn money together. We had out first duet ever for the comercial themesong. Because of the limited time, I wasn’t that satisfied with it. So if we ever have a chance again, I think it will be better.

I: I want to ask you something. Do you drink healthy powder milk? I want to gain weight, my mom wanted to help me find medicine before but couldn’t find any.

K: You can just drink papaya milk.

I: I think my chest is big enough. Ha! So you like girls with big chest?

K: What are you talking about!


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