January 24, 2006

Gillian Chung Buys Herself A Big Diamond For Her Bday

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January the 25th is Gillian Chung’s 25th birthday. On Sunday night, a birthday celebration was held at a karaoke bar. Those who attended the party were school friends, colleagues and 3 friends from the entertainment circle- Kenny Kwan, Steven Chung and Chan Pak Lim. Even her good working partner, Charlene Choi, did not attend because of work.

Gillian happily revealed that she had received 7 birthday cakes and many presents from her colleagues and fans. When asked if she had received a present from her rumoured boyfriend, Gillian smiled and asked the reporters which rumoured boyfriend were they talking about. When the reporters said Alex Fong, Gillian said that she did not know and that the media should asked Alex instead. Gillian also said that she hopes Alex will hurry up in giving her a present. When asked what present she wanted to receive from Alex, Gillian stated that it did not matter; it’s the thought that count. Then Gillian was asked if she had invited Edison Chen to her birthday party. Gillian said that she had not invited him and that Edison did not even say happy birthday to her. When asked if her Japanese and English rumoured boyfriend had said happy birthday to her, Gillian said no and hopes that the media will not ask any more.

When talking about her birthday wish, Gillian hopes that everything she does goes smoothly. Then she was asked if she had given herself any presents. Gillian replied by saying that she did not have money so she didn’t buy any presents for herself. The reporters immediately pointed out that she was the little rich girl in the entertainment circle and that she had money. Gillian then revealed that she had bought herself a big diamond.


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