January 24, 2006

Bobby & Kenix Told Perverted Jokes at Function

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Yesterday Bobby Au Yeung, Kenix Kwok, Tavia Yeung, and others attended the first promotional function for series ‘A Pillow Case of Mystery’. Bobby has always been a joking person and during the games time, he continously told perverted jokes and Kenix was almost affected by him.

During the function yesterday, Bobby continued to tell jokes, but this time it was perverted. When Kenix was playing the game of squishing the pillows, he said, “Just pretend he’s Frankie Lam! Hold him tight!” When it was the bed game, Kenix counterattacks, “You’re used to being on top!” When it was Tavia’s pillow scene, he said, “Girl’s strength now-a-days are really strong and muscular. You really can’t get away if you’re squished by a girl.” When Tavia was biting at the pillows, he also said, “Wah! You won’t let go! Your boyfriend must be very tired!” Afterwards Bobby and Kenix didn’t think the sayings were perverted, “It’s normal for a wife to hold a husband down!” Kenix says, “It’s not perverted. Everyone thinks differently. Tavia just think it’s perverted.” When the reporters said Tavia hasn’t found a husband yet, Bobby said jokingly, “She’s already biting, but just not hard enough!”

A Pillow Case of Mystery was planned for it to be in the 10 o’clock time slot but because LWOLAP didn’t reach its ideal ratings, they will be switched, with LWOLAP at 10.


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