January 24, 2006

Actress Kim Hee-seon Holds 1st Fan Meeting in Japan

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Top actress Kim Hee-seon held her first fan meeting in Japan on Jan. 22.

About 1,200 fans flocked to the fan meeting held at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel New Otani Akasaka in Tokyo at 5:00 p.m. Earlier on, journalists from about 80 news media outlets competed to cover a press conference held at 3:00 p.m. the same day.

In the press conference, journalists made favorable comments on her unpretentious attitude when she said, “I visit Japan often. In Japan, I drive myself”. According to an official from her agency, the Japanese journalists appeared to be impressed by her interest in and deep understanding of Japanese pop culture, including famous restaurants in downtown Tokyo specializing in delicacies.

Most of the participants of the fan meeting were males, but many children also attended the event, demonstrating the love Kim is receiving from her fans from all age groups.

The fan meeting began with a program entitled “Talk with Fans”. The participants were surprised with the messages sent from Korean and foreign top stars, such as Lee Byeong-eoun, kwon Sang-woo, Ryoo Si-won, and Jacky Chan, congratulating her on her first fan meeting.

Meanwhile, one fan, a liver cancer patient who was unable to attend the event due to the disease, sent a message, saying “I’m sorry I’m unable to attend the fan meeting”, to Kim through the chairperson of her fan club. The participants of the event encouraged the patient to overcome the ailment with applause.

With her eyes moistened with tears, Kim instantly wrote a brief letter to the patient, wishing her fan good luck and good health.

The fan meeting reached its climax when Kim sang “Though We Part from Each Other Several Times”, the theme song of the female lead character in the TV drama “Sad Love Story” to her own piano accompaniment. Her fans gave a large round of applause for her performance.

After the event, Kim posed for photographs with her fans and presented them with gifts.

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