January 24, 2006

28th RTHK Music Award Winning List

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Top 10 Songs:
Eason Chan – 夕陽無?好
Andy Lau – Say I Love You Once More
Ronald Cheng – Mo Lai
Wang Qi Wen – Mice Loves Big Rice
Kellyjackie – He Took Me to Disneyland
Joey Yung – Tomorrow Kindness
Miriam Yeung – Women of Integrity
Hacken Lee – 情?首爾
Leo Ku – Genius & Idiot
Justin – Good Person

Best Skilled Newcomers:
Male Singers:
Gold – Justin
Silver- Soler
Bronze – Kenny Kwan

Female SIngers:
Gold – Janice Vidal
Silver – Ivana Wong
Bronze – Niki Chow
Runner ups – Charles Ying, Gia Lin, Kay Tse

Popular Mandarin Songs:
Gold – Guang Liang (Fairytale)
Silver – Wang Qi Wen (Mice Loves Big Rice)
Bronzw – Andy Lau (Say I Love You Once More)

Popular Singers:
Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Miriam Yeung, Joey Yung, Denise Ho, Twins, Justin

Most Popular Male Singer:
Eason Chan

Most Popular Female Singer:
Joey Yung

Most Improved:
Denise Ho

Best Song Composing Artist:
Endy Chow – 漢城沉沒了

Best Lyrics Composing Artist:
Hins Cheung – Helpless

Most Appreciated Artists Worldwide:
Male Singers:
Gold – Andy Lau
Silver – Eason Chan
Bronze – Hacken Lee

Female Singers
Gold – Joey Yung
Silver – Sun Yan Zi
Bronze – Jolin Tsai

Gold – Twins
Silver – Tat Ming
Bronze – S.H.E.

Most Appreciated Chinese Song Worldwide:
Gold – Andy Lau (Say I Love You Once More)
Silver – Eason Chan (夕陽無?好)
Bronze – Guang Liang (Fairytale)

Most Supreme Asian Artist (全??人至尊金曲?):
Eason Chan – 夕陽無?好

Artists with Highest Profits of the Year:
Jay Chou, Joey Yung

香港中樂團 (Hong Kong)

Media Award (四??頒音樂大? – 傳媒大?):
Eason Chan


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