January 20, 2006

Sony BMG relents on iTunes

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Chris Jenkins
JANUARY 18, 2006

MUSIC label Sony BMG has ended its online music wrangle with Apple, announcing it would make its catalogue available through Apple’s Australian music store.

Sony BMG Australia and New Zealand chairman Denis Handlin welcomed the agreement, which makes the company’s catalogue available immediately.
“There is a great opportunity for digital music to explode in 2006 and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with iTunes,” he said.

However, it’s understood Sony BMG has not always been so keen on a relationship with Apple, with protracted negotiations between the two companies largely responsible for several delays in the launch of the local iTunes service.

Sony BMG is believed to have disagreed with Apple on pricing.

Apple refused to comment on the negotiations, with a spokesman saying only that the company was “delighted” to have Sony and its artists on board. Sony BMG also refused to comment.

Downloads represented 12 per cent of total Sony BMG sales in the US market, a spokesman said. While the proportion was not as high in Australia, the company expected downloads to match the US? current level within a year or two, he said.

Apple launched iTunes in Australia in October.

Last year Sony BMG raised the ire of its customers by including on its CDs digital rights management software that opened a door to PC hackers. Sony recalled 4.7 million CDs that used the software.…2D15318,00.html


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