January 24, 2006

SE7EN Interested In Gillian Chung & Stephy Tang

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Earlier, Korea’s popular singer, SE7EN, accepted an interview by i-cable in Hong Kong. He expressed that he really hopes to date, but he doesn’t have any girls in mind at the moment. i-cable immediately brought out photos of Miriam Yeung, Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Joyce Cheng, and Stephy Tang for SE7EN to see and pick out his most ideal girlfriend. In the end, he picked Alex Fong’s two rumoured girlfriends, Gillian and Stephy. SE7EN explained his choice by saying, “I think both of their smiles are really sweet and pure.” Seeing that he and Alex sure have the same taste!

Ever since coming into the showbiz, SE7EN has always been compared with Rain(Bi); SE7EN frankly says that he is very happy for Rain since he is popular all through Asia. SE7EN also revealed that he and Rain used to go to the same high school, and they’ve danced together before. He also mentioned that he uses eating to decrease the pressure he has from having so much work!

Credit To The Sun
Translation By Little_Purple_Bell


K-Pop Sets Eyes on Bigger Stage

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On Jan.18, two Koreans made impressive music charts entries in Japan signaling the start of yet another year of local singers showing strong presence abroad.
Singer K’s first full-fledged album “Beyond the Sea” debuted at No. 2 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart while BoA’s 18th Japanese single “Everlasting” came in third on daily single chart.

In a statement last december, Oricon said in 2005 popular K-pop stars managed to put out best-selling albums whereas past chart entries were related to Korean dramas.

In hope of living up to last year’s success, musicians and their Seoul-based management companies say they will continue with efforts to further strengthen their influence across Asia.

SM Entertainment, the agency fronting BoA, said that the 10 million albums sales mark is close at hand and the recent issuing of “Everlasting” in Japan and her fourth Korean album slated for release on Feb. 15 will be enough for it to happen.

The 19-year-old dance singer has issued 21 albums since stepping onto the international stage in 2000.

To promote her new Japanese single she already has lined up a string of appearances on Japanese networks TBS, Asahi TV and NHK throughout February. A best hits album will also hit record stores in May.

After spending all last year promoting his music in Japan and Thailand, singer Se7en will be taking his artistic energy to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan Malaysia and Singapore in 2006.

“The Jan. 9 release of his first Chinese album marked the start of the singer’s mission of covering all of Asia by the year’s end,’’ publicist Ahn Duk-geun said.

He added that 2006 will most likely be the singer’s busiest year yet as he will be dividing his time between China, Japan and Korea.
K, whose given name is Kang Yun-soung, after seeing his first recording effort fail in Korea in 2004, crossed over to Japan last year where he made a name in J-pop with the release of four Oricon Chart top 10 entry singles.

According to his management company Doori Star, in March K will be embark on a six-city tour of Japan

Singer Rain will release his first Japanese single “Sad Tango’’ on Jan. 25, which will follow with a promotional tour that will continue throughout the first half of 2006.

He will also be picking up where last year’s “It’s Rainy Tour’’ left off with “Rainy Day in New York’’ to be held Madison Square Garden on Feb. 2 and “Rainy Day in Bangkok’’in Thailand on Feb. 25 and 26.

In the fall, Rain will launch a fan club comprised of some 200,000 fans from all over Asia.

Drunken Tiger is giving Taiwan a dose of Korean hip hop with the recent release of a best hits album made up of tracks off his fifth and sixth album..

Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger, in a phone interview last week, said breaking through a new market seven years into his career is to speak out to people and also in hopes of seeing hip hop blow up in Taiwan.

“It’s all about my wanting to tell stories I believe in (through my music).’’ Tiger JK said.

“I’m not trying to ride on it (hallyu),’’ he said adding with a laugh thought he wouldn’t mind “letting’’ it ride on it if all goes well.

Last weekend Drunken Tiger visited Taiwan where he held a showcase before 1,000 fans at a local club.

Our…… Liza Wang

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credits to Yesasia and

Ming Pao Daily

TVB will be recapping Liza’s series for 3 consecutive months.

“Our…… Liza Wang”

Liza, who is considered as a Jewel of TVB, has been filming many classical and unforgettable series for TVB for the past 30 years. With Liza’s excellent acting skills and looks that is suitable for both modern and ancient series, there’s hardly any characters that would act as an obstacle for Liza. Out of the many series that was filmed by Liza, TVB chose 9 series to entertain and enthrall the audience.
1.《京?春夢》- Yesterday’s Glitter
2.《楊門女將》戰場奮勇抗敵 – Yang’s Female Warriors
3.《倚天屠?記》(Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber)
4.《?水?山總是情》- Love and Passion
5.《四季情》一人分飾兩角 – Four Season Love
6.《秋瑾》讀書習武推翻王? – A Woman To Remember
7.《紫钗记》- Legend of the Purple Hairpin
8.《金葉?》- The Golden Chrysanthemum
9.《趙五娘》- Lady With The Lute

(from 22nd Jan, every Sunday, 8pm-12mdnight)
Starring Liza Wang, Damian Lau, Hon Ma Lai

Adapted from the novel, “Jin Fen Shi Jia,” the TV drama series, “Yesterday’s Glitter,” is one of the TV masterpieces in the 80s. This piece of work has also turned Liza Wang and Damian Lau into one of the most charming couples on TV. It is truly a classic masterpiece that you do not want to miss!

Damian Lau – Kum Jun Sai
Liza Wang – Ho Yin Chow
Hon Ma Lai – Hung Lai Chu

This is a classic series by TVB and is called by many to be one of the saddest series ever produced. The series focuses on the downfall of the wealthy Kum Family. Damian Lau plays the Kum family’s seventh child, the youngest son, Jun Sai. Jun Sai’s father is a successful business man in China. He has three older brothers, the eldest and third brother were only interested in sex, money, and gambling. His second brother smokes and eventually dies from lung cancer.

One day, while Damian was horse back riding, he sees a bunch of school girls catching butterflies. He quickly notices Yin Chow and developed a huge crush on her. He eventually moves next door to Yin Chow to court her. They got married after Jun Sai got Yin Chow pregnant.

Lai Chu was Jun Sai’s ex-girlfriend who is the sister of a General. Lai Chu is a spoiled brat who disliked Yin Chow from the start. It began when Yin Chow was over at Lai Chu’s house to sell a painting. Her hatred deepened when Yin Chow married Jun Sai. Lai Chu eventually destroys Jun Sai and Yin Chow’s marriage to avenge the humiliation of being dumped by Jun Sai for a poor girl.

The Kum family was well off until the death of the family’s father (the main source of income). The two older brothers were useless. Instead of making income for the family, they were gambling it way. The two brothers accidentally burned down the mansion when they were fighting for a jade buddha. Everybody thought that Yin Chow and her son were killed in the fire. The two brothers eventually left the family with their wives, stealing what’s left of the family’s valuables.

When Jun Sai discovers Lai Chu lied to him and caused the divorce of his marriage with Yin Chow, he accidentally kills Lai Chu. He became the most wanted man in China and this leads Jun Sai to go in hiding. He eventually finds out that Yin Chow is not dead and he goes out to search for her. Jun Sai is now a beggar and he develops lung cancer as well. He reunites with both of his brother who are now poor. His eldest brother is still an addictive gambler and rats on Jun Sai for reward money. However, instead of getting the reward money he ends up being killed by the gang who owns the gambling ring.

Jun Sai runs into an old deserted temple to hide and he hears little kids singing a song that Yin Chow sang before. It turned out that one of the kid is his son. He sees Yin Chow again but she refuses to forgive him. When Yin Chow desides to forgive Jun Sai, it was already too late and Jun Sai dies in her arms.

Summary credits to credits 2

SG Wannabe sells 400,000 copies of its album in 2005

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The situation in the domestic music record market was gloomy last year. According to the Recording Industry Association of Korea (, only one album recorded sales of over 400,000 copies in 2005; sales of another four barely surpassed 200,000 copies and those of 14 others were slightly above the 100,000-copy mark.

Sales of the second album from the music band SG Wannabe (including a special edition) outnumbered those of the third album from singer Kim Jong-kuk by 170,000 copies to reach 414,855 copies. The band also sold 147,047 copies of its remake album that ranked 12th, thus recording total record sales of 561,902 copies last year.

The runner-up was singer Kim Jong-kuk, the winner of last year’s top music awards from all three major broadcasters in Korea, whose third album recorded sales of 243,211 copies. He was followed by the young-generation band Buzz (233,082 copies), the male group TVXQ (222,472 copies)–which has the most fan clubs among Korean singers, and singer Hwi-sung (213,594 copies, 3rd album).

A total of 14 singers and bands saw their albums post sales of over 100,000 copies, including MC the Max (184,716 copies), Shin Hye-sung (183,463 copies), Big Mama (163,442 copies), M (161,104 copies), Cho Sung-mo (155,523 copies) and Hwi-sung (152,665 copies, 4th album).

Of those, Hwi-sung recorded total album sales of 366,259 copies in 2005 alone as he released both his third and fourth album in a single year.

Last year, music charts were mostly dominated by ballad songs from SG Wannabe, Kim Jong-kuk, Buzz, MC the Max, Shin Hye-sung, Big Mama and Cho Sung-mo. Members of music bands who debuted solo, such as Kim Jong-kuk, Shin Hye-sung, M and Yoon Do-hyun, also performed impressively.

Among remake albums that inundated the music market last year, albums from SG Wannabe, Na-ul and Lee Sung-chul broke the 100,000-copy mark, ranking among the top 20.

Leehom acts as a Women’s Skincare Series Spokesperson

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This is the first time Leehom has become a spokesperson for a women’s skincare series. He is involved in the TV adverts and the magazine adverts and in the premiere of the advert, Leehom has approved the unique beauty of women.

The company chose Leehom of his healthy image and the popularity he has with
the females. After market research, they have invited Leehom to become Cassatt skincare series’ spokesperson.

Cassatt has invited Leehom as the spokesperson and he was also able to give his opinions on the advert and the photo shoots. His song “Di Yi Ge Qing Chen” is the theme song of Cassatt.

The advert’s press conference will be held on the 26th. Leehom will be attending the press conference along with many VIPs from various companies. The NT10,000,000 advert will also premier on TV the same day.

Leehom says it is his first time being the spokesperson for women’s skincare
and he feels honoured to be chosen.

Leehom is caught in the middle

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The 2006 Hit Pop Music Awards was held at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall last night. Leehom and Jolin won the Hito Male and female artist and Jay won 6 awards. Although Jay and Jolin had no collaboration on stage, Jolin has peeked at Jay several times and when Jay looked her way, Jolin has already looked somewhere else. Leehom who was in the middle was embarrassed.

The concert met it’s “Fight Music” theme and the performance by 30 artists from Jungiery started off the marathon concert. The fans responded wildly and continued through the rain.

The “ex-lovers” Jay and Jolin were on the same stage when the 10 pop song
awards were announced. Jay was suppose to stand between Leehom and Jolin,
however, Leehom turned and ended up standing in between them. Dennis the MC
cheekily asked Jolin and Jay to stand together however Jay avoided that and
their eyes didn’t even meet last night. Even when they were interviewed by the media, they did it one after another and avoided being interviewed at the same time.

Jolin said, they didn’t talk to each other on the stairs but managed to say
hi. They don’t feel embarrassed and blame the press for being too nosy. When Jolin was asked about their standing positions on the stage she said “We didn’t really care at the end and wasn’t standing at the place we were told to, but we did say hi to each other.” Leehom said “The award ceremony is suppose to be fun so I did try to stand out of the way.” Jay said “About the standing positions, you will have to ask Leehom, but I think everything is fine.”

As Jay released his album quite late, he lost a lot of points to Leehom. He ended up taking “The most popular voted male artist”, “Asia’s Media award”, “The Hito song award of the year”, “Hito producer”, “The most loved song of the year” and “Hito composer-artist of the year”. Jay said “I will continue with my style and continue to slur my words (pronunciation).

Leehom’s popularity continued to rise this year and took “Hito Male artist”, “Hito music arrangement”, “The most popular voted composer-artist” and “The Hito song of the year”. Jolin who’s in the same record company managed to win the “Hito female artist” for 3 consecutive years.

*The Award will broadcast on Azio Channel on 29th of Jan, 2006.*

Leehom’s book autograph signing session

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Leehom was at Xin Yi’s Eslite bookstore for his book autograph signing session. He attracted lots of his female fans as usual and also a male fan who looks extremely like the man himself. This fan is called Chris and is 19 years old. He studies in America and admires Leehom. He has started to collect Leehom’s album since he was 14 years old and said he does not want to become a star himself.

This mini Leehom has attracted many fans to scream and take photos of him.
Leehom released his 2nd score book “Shangri-La” and in his new book, his younger brother has written something for him. He praises and recommends his brother’s words. Leehom is single and tries to seek a marriage for his brother. He said his brother is a great guy, who’s tall and handsome. He has brought up his brother himself and protective of him, therefore the girlfriend criteria for his brother would be the girl must not hurt him (feeling-wise).

Leehom’s concert is scheduled for March and he said “I can practice with this score book!” David had his concert at Taipei Arena last night and he said he really wanted to go and watch the concert, however he didn’t have the time. He managed to visit David during his rehearsal earlier though. Leehom brought pears along with him and said “David loves pears and so do I!”

Actress Kim Hee-seon Holds 1st Fan Meeting in Japan

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Top actress Kim Hee-seon held her first fan meeting in Japan on Jan. 22.

About 1,200 fans flocked to the fan meeting held at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel New Otani Akasaka in Tokyo at 5:00 p.m. Earlier on, journalists from about 80 news media outlets competed to cover a press conference held at 3:00 p.m. the same day.

In the press conference, journalists made favorable comments on her unpretentious attitude when she said, “I visit Japan often. In Japan, I drive myself”. According to an official from her agency, the Japanese journalists appeared to be impressed by her interest in and deep understanding of Japanese pop culture, including famous restaurants in downtown Tokyo specializing in delicacies.

Most of the participants of the fan meeting were males, but many children also attended the event, demonstrating the love Kim is receiving from her fans from all age groups.

The fan meeting began with a program entitled “Talk with Fans”. The participants were surprised with the messages sent from Korean and foreign top stars, such as Lee Byeong-eoun, kwon Sang-woo, Ryoo Si-won, and Jacky Chan, congratulating her on her first fan meeting.

Meanwhile, one fan, a liver cancer patient who was unable to attend the event due to the disease, sent a message, saying “I’m sorry I’m unable to attend the fan meeting”, to Kim through the chairperson of her fan club. The participants of the event encouraged the patient to overcome the ailment with applause.

With her eyes moistened with tears, Kim instantly wrote a brief letter to the patient, wishing her fan good luck and good health.

The fan meeting reached its climax when Kim sang “Though We Part from Each Other Several Times”, the theme song of the female lead character in the TV drama “Sad Love Story” to her own piano accompaniment. Her fans gave a large round of applause for her performance.

After the event, Kim posed for photographs with her fans and presented them with gifts.

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Ratings Report ( 16/01/2006 – 22/01/2006 )

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1. The Bronze Teeth III ( EPS 11 – 15 ) – 28 PTS
2. Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion ( EPS 08 – 12 ) – 25 PTS
3. Greed Mask ( EPS 11 – 15 ) – 25 PTS
4. Miss Chinese International Pageant 2006 – 24 PTS
5. Scoop – 23 PTS
6. Women On The Run ( EPS 24 ) – 21 PTS

1. A Great Adventure ( EPS 34 Ending ) – 8 PTS
2. A Great Adventure ( EPS 29 – 33 ) – 7 PTS

Eric Hurt in Gallant Attempt to Save Han Ji-min

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K-pop singer-cum-actor Eric and actress Han Ji-min, both starring in “Wolves”, were slightly injured when they were hit by a stunt car while shooting the MBC TV drama near Namdaemun in Seoul on Sunday. The two stars were treated at a nearby hospital.
Eric’s agency Good Entertainment Group said the driver of the car, which was supposed to run toward Eric and Han Ji-min and stop in front of them, presumably misunderstood the signals and ran at them at a speed of 40 km/h without stopping. Eric performed a gallant fling-yourself-at-the-girl-and-fall-out-of-the-car’s-way maneuver, according to the agency — which was indeed what he was supposed to do in the scene. Eric plays Han’s secretary.

Due to the accident, MBC-TV will break the Monday and Tuesday schedule for the soap. The third episode will be aired on Monday as scheduled but the fourth episode on Tuesday will not. MBC said it will substitute the fourth episode with another show, while the episodes on Jan. 30 and 31 will also be replaced with special programs for Lunar New Year’s holidays.

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