December 30, 2005

Theresa Fu Teaches Girls to Be Pretty

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New Year’s Eve is almost here and Theresa Fu will be wearing four different outfits as a model for young adults.

Theresa said that when attending a friend’s party, the outfit can be a bit more casual so she had chosen two looks. One is a small tank top with a short skirt and the other is a golden jacket with blue jeans. She said, “I like to wear light colors to party since it makes you feel happier.”

Theresa thinks being casual to a party is okay but you have to dress more grand and mature for a ball. She thinks it’s the most suitable to wear a one piece dress with a little furry outer wear on top, incase of the old weather, “The biggest qualification for a girl is looking young so a simple dress is enough. With a short piece of fur, you will look a bit more mature.” She also suggests everyone to spray a little perfume to increase the charm of being a girl.

With a tall structure like Theresa, she can basically match with any clothings, but she loves shoulder baring dresses the best, “I think my shoulder area is quite pretty, but I have never been to a ball. I’ve only been to a feast like party during school. I hope someone can invite me to the ball this year so I can dress pretty.”


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