December 30, 2005

Ming Pao Lifestyle “My Favorite” Music Awards

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Translated by happy_movie_goer
Taken from:…47&ct=entertain

2005 Ming Pao Lifestyle presents “My Favorite” Music Awards. Awards are voted online and votes determine who are the favorites of Favorite Male, Female, Group and Song. Voting started December 22, 2005 and will end January 6, 2005. The results as of December 29, 2005 are as follows.

Favorite Male Singer: Eason Chan leads with 533 votes. Andy Lau is second with 486 votes. Hacken Lee is third with 394 votes. Leo Ku is fourth with 370 votes. Justin is fifth with 135 votes.

Favorite Female Singer: Miriam Yeung leads with 560 votes. Joey Yung is second with 545 votes. Denise Ho is third with 392 votes. 林憶蓮 is fourth with 248 votes. Kelly Chen is fifth with 211 votes.

Favorite Group: Twins lead with 925 votes. at17 is second with 609 votes. Grasshopper is third with 482 votes.

Favorite Song: Ronald Cheng 無賴 leads with 944 votes. Hacken Lee 情?首爾 is second with 725 votes. Justin 好人 is third with 678 votes, Eason Chan 夕陽無?好 is fourth with 676 votes. Miriam Yeung 烈女 is fifth with 629 votes.

Who’s voting? Obviously not the people who’ve been voting in every other poll this year. Eason leading Andy Lau, Hacken, and Leo…unheard of. Leo Ku not in top 2…unheard of. Leo Ku songs not in top 5…unheard of. Miriam leading Joey…unheard of. Eason’s song not in top 2…unheard of. Kelly Chen 5th among all females…not unheard of but rare to be 5th and not 4th.



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