December 30, 2005

Don Li Talks About Love Issues & Ex-Girlfriends

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Don Li Talks About Love Issues & Ex-Girlfriends

Yesterday, Don Li accepted an interview. As this interview was mainly based on love issues, Don retrieved some old photos and memos to bring back some old memories. During the period from year 7 to year 11, Don had dated 5 times! 4 of the times, he was dumped and only dumped his partner once. The longest time he has dated was for two years, one relationship only lasted merely 3 times.

Don unforgettable girlfriend was a rebel. Don would spend time with her every night by eating midnight snacks. But after one week, the girl said that she was a lesbian and dumped Don. Don said, “At first I thought she was just making an excuse but one month later I saw her dating a female school mate. I was so hurt that time because I couldn’t believe I lost to a girl!? His longest relationship ended after graduation because he and his girlfriend faced different things. Don said, “At the time I was working with cars. My girlfriend listened to her family and was introduced to a man who earned $7000 a month and ended up marrying him. Now I make more than $7000 a month! Every time I go past her house now, I will look at it angrily.?



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