December 8, 2005

Ranking of TVB’s leading actresses

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It is increasingly important for the actresses in TVB to score points with their management, as Kenix’s handling of her pulling out to Tai Chi shows (she had lunch with Ler Yi Leng, and her relationship with TVB still remains strong).

Here’s the ranking of TVB’s lead actresses (or’s list anyway …)

1. Kenix Kwok
Since losing to Liza Wang, Kenix said she would not be filming Tai Chi. Executive Ler Yi Leng immediately called Kenix out for lunch – proof that she is still a favourite within TVB.
Star rating: 5

2. Gigi Lai
Since winning the Best Actress Award last year in War and Beauty, Gigi’s star has been on the rise. She has always been Ler Yi Leng’s good friend as well. Her star power is such that The Dance of Passion, in which Gigi is acting, will also be aired earlier.
Star rating: 5

3. Myolie Wu
Myolie’s one of the new generation lead actresses. Famed for her obedience. She is also one of the lead actresses in Tai Chi, on equal footing with the rest.
Star rating: 4

4. Jessica Hsuan
Jessica’s star has risen meteorically with Life Made Simple. Now, she’s headed to Yunnan to film, and she’ll be back in 2006 to film Triumph in the Skies 2.
Star rating: 4

5. Charmaine Sheh
Having lost out for the Best Actress Award for the past two years, Charmaine’s popularity has waned a little. Audience reaction to her show Always Ready has also been so-so. As it was aired after the Anniversary Show, it also indicates that TVB does not think the show will go far.
Star rating: 3

6. Maggie Cheung
Maggie is taking a break for a year odd to fight her typhoid illness. Predict that her star will slip during this period.
Star rating: 2


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