December 8, 2005

Charmaine is getting split personality

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Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma and Sammul Chan attended the costume fitting for new series 《鳳凰四??》 Phoenix Quartet yesterday. Phoenix Quarter comprises of a series with four different eras; Qing dynasty, May 4 Movement (1916), 50’s-70’s and the current 21st century. In the first era, Charmaine married Sammul.

Charmaine and Joe will each have 4 different roles with complex relationship between them, ranging from teacher-student love to one night stand. This series will bring a new challenge to both of their acting skills. Charmaine said: “It’s quite challenging, I think I’ll be suffering from split personality!” She will have at least 12-13 different image for her roles.

Joe divulged that he will have a bed scene with Charmaine. He don’t know how they will film it as he haven’t read the script yet.

When mentioned that she will have bed scene with Joe, while it be as steamy as Sheren’s scene? Charmaine laughed: “I don’t know yet! However, TV series do have a limit on this, so I hope we’ll be able to bring some surprise to the audiences.”

As Charmaine doesn’t have any work on Christmas this year, she is planning to throw a huge party. Will you invite Benny Chan? “I don’t know, he’s busy filming at overseas. But I’m planning to invite a lot of people.” You were caught having dinner with him recently? Charmaine smiled: “Having a meal together is very common, nothing special.”

Sammul, who is used to portray goody two shoes role, will play a womanising playboy who loves to gamble. Even though his character marries Charmaine, he doesn’t know how to appreciate her. On his wedding night, he made a bet guessing Charmaine’s underwear color! Sammul smiled: “Actually, we do have fate together, the first time in PONR she married me and then we’re also dating in White Flame.”

In addition, Evergreen Mak will play a villian in here. His character will corrupt Sammul, who played a rich playboy. Even before starting filming, it seems that Evergreen has started to immense in his character. He even loudly jokes: “It was me who brought Sammul to call prostitutes!”


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