December 8, 2005

Angela Tong Hopes for Life Made Simple Sequel

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Last night was Life Made Simple’s big ending, reaching up to 43 points, but still hasn’t defeated Square Peg’s 46 points ratings. Angela Tong and others went to a resturant and watched the big ending with the people there.

TVB show Scoop invited some LMS actors and actresses to a resturant to watch the big ending. Because ‘Ah Wong’ and ‘Lo Por Jai’ isn’t in Hong Kong, they couldn’t go, therefore all the attention went to ‘Li Siu Ho’ Angela! Everyone rushed up to her and asked for her autograph. Male fans even rushed up, hugged her, and took pictures with her. A mother even gave Angela her crying baby, maybe the baby is her fan too. When Angela was carrying the crying baby, the baby immediately smiled; seems like Ah Ho is really superb!

Ah Ho is greatly supported and later Angela said, “I’m really happy that everyone supports Ah Ho, but it is actually because of LMS. (Now that it is the ending, do you miss it? Yes. I hope the manager can start the third sequel as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if my character is really ugly!” Currently filming in mainland, Roger said when heard about the ratings, “I’ve recieved alot of congratulating comments. Even though it lost to Square Pegs, filming a series is not for numbers. I’m not disappointed since LMS brought me to the Best Leading Male award and being loved by the audience.”

The ratings of LMS reached 43 points, but the average still lost to Jewel in the Palace and War of in Laws, and can only be the third highest rating series of TVB.


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