December 6, 2005

Eason Chan: I’d Rather Not Sing Than Lip-sync

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Recently, Eason has lost his voice and was forced to stop working. He met with the 港???大中文金曲 award ceremony’s reporters. His voice was high pitched and weak, he even made fun of his own voice. He indicated that he has rested for a few days and his voice has still not restored. Right now, his voice is very flat and high pitched. Probably because Shanghai’s weather turned cold in addition to talking non-stop for five hours. At first it was a little cough, later his voice became weak and when he woke up he realized that he had lost his voice. He saw a doctor in Shanghai and the doctor said it was probably caused by eating monosodium glutamate. He is now, still eating medicine and the best thing is to not talk.

Eason knows that Jacky Cheung also lost his voice and says that Jacky’s situation is more serious, so rest is necessary. Eason has been forced to cancel all of his near future work. On Saturday, Eason was supposed to appear at Wyman Wong’s show and Tung Wah Charity Show but, right now, he does not know if he will be able to sing. A reporter asked him: “why don’t you lip-sync?” He responds: “there’s no meaning in lip-syncing, I’d rather not sing.” The reporters point out that Joey Yung has been lip-syncing, Eason replies: “every singer has their own way of doing things.”

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