December 6, 2005

Star Awards 2005: Chris almost proposed to Fann!

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Star Awards 2005: Chris almost proposed to Fann!

The results were as predictable as the safe black which many of the stars and presenters wore to this year’s Star Awards. The only time we held our breaths was when Christopher almost proposed to Fann!

This year, the All-Time Favourite awards went to Xie Shaoguang and Fann Wong who both clocked a total of 10 wins at the Star Awards’ Top 10 Most Popular Artiste roll call. Shaoguang was not present to receive the award from President S.R. Nathan.

Comic relief came late in the otherwise uneventful stargazing parade. Like last year, lovebirds Christopher Lee and Fann Wong were not spared from teasing by their fellow colleagues. This time, Zoe was the perpetrator. The new mummy showed off her cheeky side when she barged onto the stage, took the mike and ‘interrogated’ Christopher when he was halfway through his thank-you speech for his Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award.

“Just now, you said that if you go on stage (to receive an award), you would do something.? Zoe shot the first salvo. A speechless Chris stood motionless, wearing a wish-I-could-dig-a-hole-and-hide smile. He finally managed a plea: “Shall we get Ah Jie to retire backstage?? Sadly, the fans upstairs proved to be on Zoe’s side as they chanted, “Propose marriage! Propose marriage!? in Mandarin. Zoe continued on: “Don’t you want to marry her?? By this time, Chris had already sneaked away from Zoe, just like his embarrassed beau Fann who fled her front-row seat to seek refuge with her artiste manager at the side of the stage!

Star Awards Backstage Gossip!

– Why we’d probably never know about Chris Lee and Fann Wong’s marriage

It must be dreadfully boring up there on her All-Time Favourite pedestal; otherwise, motherhood is drawing out the Nosy Parker in Zoe Tay. Soon after she tried to play matchmaker with actor Vincent Ng and one of her sisters, Ah Jie again attempted to ring the wedding bells for Fann Wong and Chris Lee by running up the stage last night and practically forcing the man to propose!

The ‘bride-to-be’ turned ashen-faced, pretended to hurl an empty bottle onto the stage and even bolted from her seat! She later admitted she had intended to go up and drag Zoe off the stage, but changed her mind and decided to flee the scene instead. Chris later explained to us why Singapore won’t be celebrating their matrimony any time soon.

“I certainly wouldn’t propose in such a public event, I would appear like such an insincere fellow!? he proclaimed. “If I propose just because everyone tells me to, I believe Fann wouldn’t be happy too if she agrees. I would prefer to do it when we are alone. Besides, such good news should be a surprise revelation! Perhaps one day when everyone’s not talking about it anymore and everyone’s not teasing me anymore, then I’ll spill the news!?

Ei, Chris, everyone will always be bugging you about this matter. Does this mean we’ll only hear of it when the proverbial wedding bells have knocked us on our head?

PS. Zoe later confessed to us she took a reel report in a Chinese weekly magazine for real as the reason for her bout of spontaneous kaypohness. “The mag said Chris would propose to Fann if he wins an award; I didn’t know it was the writer’s own fabrication. Anyway, I got them to hold hands at last year’s award show, so who knows, maybe they’ll really tie the knot after my push tonight!? she replied gleefully.

– Fann Wong to marry Chris if she wins Best Actress!

“Why didn’t you thank Chris just now?? This most pertinent question floated above the buzz of voices to greet Fann Wong after she received her All-Time Favourite award. “I forgot. Aiyoh, there are so many people to thank, like the company, A-Bu (bosom buddy hair stylist David Gan), my managers… chey, why should I thank him leh?? Ah Jie gushed sweetly.

The group of reporters drew a deep shocked breath collectively. You mean, Chris gave no encouragement in your career at all??

Silence permeated the air, with Fann pondering this seemingly simple question for the longest time, and the rest of us waiting patiently for her answer, pen poised tentatively over paper.

Finally, she mumbled, looking like a harmless doe caught under a dozen harsh flashlights, “This is a very personal question… Anyway this is Star Awards, why are you asking me about him anyway??

Relentlessly, we pursued. Did you make an agreement with Chris that you’ll marry him if he wins Best Actor?

“HUH! How can it be so? I don’t want! More likely if I marry him after I win Best Actress!? she pouted. A cacophony of voices erupted and Fann shyly continued, “We’ll see how lah…?

anyway for those who’re wondering who fann wong is, she’s the singaporean actress in jackie chan’s hollywood flick “shanghai knights”. and she is rumoured to be starring in the new “TEKKEN” film. singapore’s first international actress


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