December 6, 2005

Michael Guang, Kelly Chen- Big Winners of TVB8

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The 2005 TVB8 Music Awards Show was held last night giving out many awards. They inivited Liza Wang, Eric Tsang, Dodo Cheng, and others as guests. Andy Lau, who has recieved many awards last year, couldn’t come last night as he was in Beijing filming, but surprisingly he didn’t recieve any awards. That night’s big winner went to Michael Guang (Guang Liang) who recieved four awards.

Michael’s song ‘Fairytale’ recieved four awards in total, including ‘Best Composer and Singer Award’, ‘Best Song Award, ‘TVB8 Best Song, ‘ and 「金曲榜金曲??. Being the big winner, Michael expressed that he is very happy and surprising. It is his first time coming to Hong Kong for an awards ceremony, and has never thought of getting four awards. He feels very lucky and has to thank the fans’ support from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. When asked whether he would try to develop in Hong Kong, she said, “Of course I would want to if there’s a chance. But I will not sing Cantonese songs since my Cantonese is not good.”

Kelly Chan’s results were good too. With her themesong to Jewel in the Palace, Hope, she recieved three awards including, ‘Best Song Award’, ‘Best Cantonese Song Worldwide’, and ‘Most loved female artists in mainland’. When asked whether she now has confidence in the other award shows coming up, Kelly expressed, “The song Hope really did help me alot. I should say it’s Jewel in the Palace that helped me alot. Today is a good start and I should realy be thanking Jewel in the Palace.”

Moreover, Eric Tsang was in charge of giving out the Best Female Newcomer award. When he saw the the winner was Ivana Wong, he joked around with the rumor of Ivana and Hins Cheung, causing Ivana to be embarssed.

Best Male Artist: Hacken Lee
Best Female Artist: Sun Yan Zi


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