December 6, 2005

Leo Ku Recieves 5 Awards At Ceremony in Guangzhou

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Last night a bunch of Gold Label singers including Leo Ku, Ronald Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Stephy Tang, and others attended a music award ceremony in Guangzhou. Leo recieves five awards and Eason gets four awards even though he is absent in the ceremony.

The company Gold Label became the big winner of the night, recieving 22 awards in total. Leo gets the ‘Most Appreciated Male Singer Award’, ‘Best Song of the Year’, ‘ Most Loved Singer Voted by Citizens’, and others, becoming the big winner of the males. As with Miriam, she recieves three awards. It is arranged for two girl audience and one guy audience to present the award onstage. The two girl audiences requested to kiss and hug Leo, causing Leo to feel embarassed. Leo instead hugs the guy, he said, “I blanked out for a two seconds so I only just smiled. (Did the guy kiss you?) No. Same sex resist, opposite sex attract.”

When asked whether he cried being the big winner, Leo smiled and said, “Still? I learned to control my emotions at times.” Yesterday Leo attended the radio awards ceremony reporters function, and reports pointed out that Leo would win the ‘Best Album Sales Award’. He said, “I am a bit confident. I recieved some money from the company and it has seven digits. (Did you treat yourself?) Saving up money for my wife.” When they were taking a group photo, Ronald and Miriam generously stood in the same row.


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