December 6, 2005

Kelly Chen’s Formula to Voice Preservation

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Kelly was the guest in the opening of 3-D Gold’s branch in Tsuen Wan. Appearing in a dress sponsored by the label Loewe, she had also worn $1 880 000 worth of jewels. This attracted a large crowd of people and had to have the help of security to keep order.

Previously, Kelly would be given jewels to reward her for attending the shop’s opening. However, she had only accepted a gold plated music box this time as she had an agreement with the jewel shop to donate the rest of her reward to her Education Fund.

Jacky Cheung who is currently in Taiwan for his Snow Wolf Lake musical performance had cancelled his previous night’s performance as he had lost his voice due to flu. Kelly said that his songs are very difficult to sing and . She herself had also experienced losing her voice and understood the problems one has to go through. As such, she is extremely cautious when there is a weather change. Her formula is to drink more honey and keep her voice down. Western physician had taught her to keep her neck warm with a scarf during sleep and to breathe in steam. Anita Mui had previously given Kelly a steam producing machine and it had helped her tremendously to moisten her throat


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