December 6, 2005

Harry Potter – Emma Watsons Replacement Worry

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HARRY POTTER star EMMA WATSON is dreading the possibility of another actress replacing her in the magical movie saga, because she has formed an emotional attachment to her character.

Watson has played HERMIONE GRANGER in all four Potter movies to date and will also appear in the next installment, HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.

However, the 15-year-old accepts she may soon be too old to star as Granger in the final two Potter films, numbers six and seven in the franchise.

She says, “I know if anyone else were to play Hermione, I would not be able to deal with that. It would kill me. I’m hugely close to her.”

And Watson admits she would only sign up to star in the forthcoming Potter sequels if she truly believed she could devote herself to the movies. She explains, “An 11 month film is huge. You work adult hours. So I think I would never want to do it if I felt that I wasn’t going to give it 100 per cent.

“So I’m not really thinking about the future. I just take it one film at a time, because otherwise I get a little bit overwhelmed.”

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