December 6, 2005

Greed Mask Out of Warehouse and Finally Airing

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Tonight (HK Time) will be Life Made Simple’s big ending and the audience of course hopes for Ah Wong and Lo Por Jai to finally be a family. Because of Ah Wong, Roger Kwok’s popularity has rised alot and even won the Best Male Lead Award in the TVB Anniversary.

Because of Roger and Liza’s wins in the TVB Anniversary, what was originally planned to air after LMS, 《施公奇案 》, was changed to When Rules Turn Loose by Liza. It is planned that after Always Ready on January 2nd, they will air Greed Mask starring Roger Kwok, Christine Ng, and Halina Tam.

The story in Greed Mask will be entirely different from LMS. It is about Roger finding out that his family has a mystical background, therefore he wants to seek the truth. Even though this series has been filmed for three years, the manager denied any rumors about it, he said, “If the series is in the warehouse for a long time, it doesn’t mean it’s not good. I also must look at the type of series because this type of series hasn’t been released for a long time. Besides the plot is a bit intense and right for the 10 o’clock slot. After female lead Liza Wang’s series, we hope to air male lead Roger Kwok’s series so they will be well liked.”

Other than Roger’s series, 《?齒銅牙紀曉?Ⅲ 》 will be aired January 2nd after The Herbalist’s Manual. When Rules Turn Loose’s big ending will be on January 4th, and currently it is planned for Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion to air starring Charmaine Sheh, Sonjia Kwok, Raymond Lam, and others.


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