December 6, 2005

ATV’s New series ‘The Great Aventure’

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Flora Chan spoils brotherhood between Francis Ng and Dayo Wong

The Great Adventure, starring Francis Ng, Dayo Wong and Flora Chan, will be airing next Wednsday. Dayo’s character is an aimless China lad, when Francis’s character finds out that Dayo has extraordinary memory and analytical skills, he pulls him in for cooperation. However, when Flora’s character appears, their brotherhood breaks apart and their relationship worsens.

To defend against Big Adventurer which will be airing on ATV on Monday, TVB has decided to pull out Liza Wang’s When Rules Turn Loose, and in replacement TVB will be airing the finale episodes of Life Made Simple on Monday and Tuesday instead. It seems that Dayo, being a viewership guarantee icon, has caused quite a huge threat to TVB. In turn, Big Adventurer has gained more attention from everyone due to TVB’s drama shifting strategies.

Enemies from everywhere

Francis and Dayo’s Big Adventurer is not some adventure drama as what the title implies. The adventure actually implies Francis and Dayo’s bravery and adventurous spirits to build an empire from scratch.

Dayo plays a jobless lad from China called Bak Wood (empty living, in Chinese meaning). Although he is born with reading disabilities, he has a strong memory, amazing analytical skills and he is very familiar with mathematical numerals. Francis plays a Hongkonger who is calm, clever and adventurous, called Fan Sau Mong. The two got to know each other, Francis realized Dayo’s special abilities, thus he roped him into his business and the two struggled to build their business up.

But behind their successes, enemies were also formed. Just as they earned their first fortune, one of their enemies sent Flora’s character, To Lai Kuen, to be a spy in Francis and Dayo’s company. She successfully created trouble for them, and caused enmity between the brothers.

Changing for the better

Meanwhile, Francis, Dayo and Flora’s characters are in the midst of a complicating triangular relationship. Dayo likes Flora, but Flora likes Francis. However, Francis’s heart is still with his already-married ex-girlfriend. Being an unscrupulous person who wants to gain a higher position, Flora betrays Dayo and Francis, and soon gets her deserts and learns her lesson. However, Dayo still loves her very much. Flora is touched by Dayo’s sincerity and she accepts his love.


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