December 4, 2005

Twins to go solo as they become more successful

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Hong Kong popular band, Twins will split up next year to go solo.

No matter if this has anything to do with their name of their concert next year, Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi have to face the entertainment marker alone sooner or later.

The popularity for girl bands is recent and as Gillian and Charlene grow older there is no possible way they can stay together as a duo.

When entering the entertainment circle, the two girls could not be said to be the best singers, the best actresses or the prettiest girls but their style caused them to be accepted by the Asian community. Soon after, Twins became the idols of every Chinese young girl.

Gillian and Charlene have been improving in all areas lately, their singing has improved, they have been in more movies and they look prettier than ever.

Their image is forced to change every year to keep them fresh. As they climb up the ladder to become Hong Kong’s most celebrated duo, they had to change their little girl image to a mature young lady style. They have started to dress sexier and sexier to tell everyone that they have grown up.

Although they sing together, they work on movies separately. In the movie market, Gillian and Charlene’s images are totally different. It is a rare chance for them to work together on a movie.

Although it costs a lot to hire them to work on a movie, they are receiving movie job offers more than ever before. In the box office, Charlene’s movies sell the most tickets while Gillian receives more job offers than Charlene.

Due to them working separately on movie productions, it gets harder and harder to organise for them both to record music at the same time. The need for them to split has become the truth.


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