December 4, 2005

Shawn, Fiona, Kary, Wilfred At 903 Cali Concert

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Last night Shawn Yue, Fiona Sit, Kary Ng, and Wilfred Lau was at the 903 California Red Concert. The concert was very exciting as the four of them dressed up as in the 80’s and sang their songs. Shawn’s immitation of Alan Tam and Wilfred Lau’s immitation of Leslie Cheung were the funniest. Kary appeared with a back baring shirt singing Sandy Lam’s 《瘋了》 and Fiona wearing a stomach baring shirt singing Madonna’s Material Girl.

During the duet time, Wilfred with a tuxedo and Fiona with a Victorian look made them seem like a real couple, singing 《日與夜》. One side of Fiona’s strap fell, causing one to indulge in ‘fantasy’. Kary and Shawn appeared with a rock look, but wasn’t as good as Wilfred and Fiona’s. But when it was the dancing time, Kary snatches the center of attention once again. After the concert, the four of them celebrated and a male fan sprayed champagne at them. When it was picture time, Shawn puts his arm on FIona’s shoulder, but to avoid suspicions, he immediately drew his hand back.

Kary was asked whether she was mad at Fiona for stealing the center of attention, she explained, “Of course not. It’s good that this time everyone is happy! (Were you bra-less with this outfit?) No, I did wear it! I’m afraid of being bra-less.” As with being sprayed with champagne, she said,” He’s just too happy. I was the first one to be hit, my whole back was wet, but he didn’t do that on purpose!”

Wilfred and Shawn together greatly praised that Kary and Fiona were very eye catching. Shawn even said, “It really made me ‘spit blood’!” When asked whether Shawn placed his arm on Fiona’s shoulder but then suddenly drew back his hand, Wilfred asked Shawn,” You were patting her back?” Shawn immediately clarrified, “I didn’t know where I was touching so I immediately drew my hand back! And it actually turned out to be her shoulders!”


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