December 4, 2005

Sammi’s article against HK paparazzi

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What is Wrong with You???
(This is the rough connotation of the title)

Do I have to make loud announcements whenever I go out shopping???
Why do you have to be concerned about whether I leave my house?
Why is it that when I go shopping it means I’m happy?
Why is it that you always have to take pictures of my house?
Why am I healthy only if I show myself in public?
Why is it that I’m ‘autistic’ if I decide to stay at home and have a peaceful meal with my parents?
Why is it that you cannot allow people some rest?
Why is it that you cannot allow it when people leave the houses without washing their hair occasionally?
Why is that you have to say people are bald for no apparent reason?
Why must you follow my mother to the market?
Why must you take pictures of my sister going to work?
Why must you report that my brother was waiting for a prostitute?
Why must you care about what hobbies I have?
Why must you say that people ‘explode’ their hair (meaning they style their hair such that it becomes a very big mess of hair) to cover their ‘ghost shave hair’ (baldness)?
Why can’t you allow people some time to take a break and think? (Wow! What elegance! ‘Taking a break to think’! People who write articles, do you understand this phrase!)
Why must you always take photographs of me shopping?
Why must you make it such that the curtains always have to be drawn in my house?
Why must you make it such that I have to be wary and fearful all the time when I’m using the bathroom in my own house?
Why is it that you never have anything nice to say?
Why must you be so hung up about me?
Can’t you see me a little less?
Why is that having a religion means I’m seeking solace for my soul?
Why is that you have to make it such that when people go shopping they have to change their looks and their car?
Why can’t you guys just sleep?
Why can’t you just see me when I return to work?
What is wrong with you??????????
Is there no news????

By Ah Mi

Translated by Wuyen from

Download Sandra Ng talking about Sammi’s article in her radio program
file size: 580k
file type: .asf


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