December 4, 2005

Niki Chow Hopes To Go Back to Acting Soon

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After entering the Showbiz, Niki Chow has grabbed herself as a female lead in the Feel 100% drama and also a few TVB series. She has also signed with music company BMA earlier this year, no wonder why Niki thinks she is lucky.

Niki expressed that to accomplish her determination as a singer, she has to temporarily put acting down, “I’ve had an interest in singing before. Now that I am part of the music industry, I need to be focused on it this year!”

But Niki expressed that she wants to act as soon as possible, “I actually really like acting! But because this year I have to focus on singing, I can go back to acting next year. I’m really happy! (You filmed a series this year?) Filming a series and a movie is very different, but it is very fun!” (What is your movie about?) I can’t say it now but work will begin soon!”

As with winning the Most Improved Actress award, it has actually gotten her stronger. Even though the media thinks differently and has caused rumors about it, Niki still said, “I actually don’t care about rumors. I just look at it as regular news. (You won’t be mad?) No. If you accomplish your own duties, then you’re fine.”


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