December 4, 2005

Gigi happy with BTC results when director is not

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Gigi Lai and Moses Chan’s latest television drama, Beneath the Charm, has finished airing in Hong Kong. The highest rating point for this series was 36 points but had an average of 32 points throughout the airing time. The drama could be said to be quite successful, so Moses and Gigi invited the crew of the drama for lunch. The crew members who attended this ‘celebration’ lunch include, Yoyo Mung, Mandy Cho and more.

Gigi believes that an average rating of 32 points is an alright outcome, even though director was not pleased with the results. But as an actress, Gigi considers doing her best in the most important. Gigi said, “We had to film the series in three months, so most things were rushed. During the 3 months I was also sick but I believe working on this drama was worth it because I believe that the results were great.?

Gigi’s major production for next year, The Dance of Passion, will be airing in April of next year. In a show, The Dance of Passion was said to be the most celebrated television drama of next year. As this drama was filmed with a movie production sense, Gigi was asked if she has confidence to be nominated for TVB’s ‘Best Female Actress Award’ for the third year running. Gigi laughed and said, “Nah, it’s ok! The most important thing is that the series goes well.?

When talking about Kenix Kwok, who has not won the ‘Best Female Actress Award’ of this year, has been chosen to work on ‘Taichi’ a grand production. Gigi said that she does not know about this, so she will not reply. When asked what she would do if TVB asked her to take Kenix’s spot, Gigi said that she will start working on a modern series in January so it would not happen. Gigi was then asked if she has talked to Kenix lately, Gigi said that she has been communicating with Kenix through SMS but has not been talking to Kenix on the phone. Gigi said, “Let’s not talk about other people’s business because it has nothing to do with me. If you want to talk about this issue, ask her!?


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