December 4, 2005

Bernice and Moses As a Couple For Comercial

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Rumored couple Moses Chan and Bernice Liu has recently been filming a new comerical for a company as a couple. Yesterday they wore couple outfits to attend the opening of the store and recieved interviews together.

Even though Bernice and Moses have cooperated many times, it is their first time filming a comercial. No wonder why Moses said, “We’ve tried going to a function together before, but it is our first time filming a comercial together. Of course I’m happy because you can earn money. (Even more happy being with Bernice?) It’s just that I’m happy to earn money! (Even the company gives you chances to see her?) The company gives me chances to earn money. It’s been planned by the company! (Even the couple outfit?) It was requested by the company, to make the event look grand!” Bernice by his side didn’t respond but shook her head as an agreement with Moses.

Earlier both of them had taken photos for the advertisement. The reporters seeing how cute when they are hugging each other, said jokingly to Moses, “The photos were done by a foreign photographer, therefore you guys must be really comfotable!”

Christmas is nearing, but both of them have their own work. Bernice said, “Right now I’m filming new series Keung Gim Gong Woo, so I should be working then. I hope on Christmas day I can have time to be with my family!” As with Moses, he will also be filming for his series during Christmas.


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