October 30, 2005

Twins thought that they had the bird flu

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The whole world is currently afraid of the spreading bird flu. Earlier when Twins were in Beijing for their concert, they thought that they had the bird flu which was quite a scare. Thankfully Twins did not have the bird flu. Yumiko who had planned to open a Shanghai restaurant, had to be put the idea aside because of the epidemic scare.

Yesterday, Twins, Yumiko and Hacken Lee were at the blessing ceremony for the Tung Wah Charity Show. The singers arrived at 4pm but had to wait for the roast pig to come, which arrived at 4.45pm.

Twins were in Beijing earlier and Charlene who has always been an easy target for infections had a stomach ache. As the bird flu epidemic has killed some people in China, Charlene thought she had the bird flu. Charlene said, “My sickness also spread to Gillian and our assistants! I thought I had caused them to get infected with the bird flu! Luckily it was not the bird flu but is scared us a lot!?

Gillian who was reported to have a new lover was asked to comment on the report at the blessing ceremony. Gillian said to the reporters, “I do not want to talk about rumours today.? Charlene’s new movie, All About Love, has sold 8 million tickets. Andy Lau who is in Beijing wanted to come back to Hong Kong to hold a celebration dinner. But the director of the movie Andy is currently working on, would not let Andy go. Charlene said, “I’ll just wait for Andy to come back!?

Yumiko had planned to open a Shanghai restaurant at the end of year has put the idea aside. Yumiko said, “First reason is because of the bird flu. The second reason is because the rent is too expensive!?


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