October 30, 2005

Hins Cheung was bullied when he was young

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Yesterday Hins Cheung and Kathy Chow attended a running competition. Hins and Kathy were only guests there and were not competitors who were running up stairs. Due to the fact that organisers were going to present a best costume award, Hins and Kathy were surrounded by many weirdly dressed people. One of the teams used ‘Jewel in the Palace’ for their costume theme.

Hins said that when he began singing, he would run up and down stairs to practice breathing. The most steps of stairs Hins has ran is 1100. Many of Hins’ fans competed in this competition. Hins was bullied and teased by people when he was young and was called weak guy (孱仔) because he had asthma and had to take medication.

Kathy rarely runs up and down the stairs because she is not fit enough. When she saw the people who were wearing ‘Jewel in the Palace’ costumes she thought it was really funny. She was afraid for them that their hair will fall out before they finish they race. When asked about her younger sister, Niki Chow’s rumours with Ron Ng, Kathy says she does not read those articles and will not comment either.


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