October 29, 2005

Leila Tong says Ron Ng is a benevolent person

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Leila Tong was the charitable ambassador for the “Worldwide Cancer Translation Research Organization” lately. She will soon visit some of the cancer patients to promote the new technology equipments for curing cancer. Leila laughed and said her rumor boyfriend Ron is also a benevolent person, so she will invite her to come with her for visits.

 Recently, Leila was filming > with her ex-rumor boyfriend Ron, and had rumors again. Reporters asked if she would invite him to visit the cancer patients to bring love and care to them, Leila said, “If you ask him, he will help. He’s a benevolence person, so he wants to know more about the new technology equipments for curing cancer to help other people.”

 But when the reporters mentioned about rumors spreading over and over again, Leila stated, “It is always at the filming square whenever they take pictures, every series they said there’s rumors, but nobody knows what happened, we all got used to it.”



  1. loL haha leila and ron na not that of a couple i think leila and sammuel are much better^^

    Comment by cC — September 28, 2006 @ 12:12 pm

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