October 28, 2005

Bae Yong-joon to hold first movie promotion in Chi

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Following his exploding popularity in Japan, actor Bae Yong-joon, nicknamed “Yonsama” in Japan, is now set to take China by storm as well. Bae will make his first official visit to China on Nov. 11 along with director Heo Jin-ho to promote the movie “April Snow” prior to its opening in that country.

Bae was invited to China by Huaxia, the local distributor of “April Snow,” and Jungbo Media. During his three-day visit, the actor will hold a press conference and a special movie preview, and make appearances in front of audiences at major Chinese theaters.

Given the skyrocketing interest in the actor’s first visit to the country, Huaxia will organize Bae’s press conference at the Beijing Great Hall of the People, where actress Kim Hee-seon and the Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan held a press conference recently. It is quite unprecedented for a Korean actor to hold a solo press conference at that hall.

Bae’s agency, BOF, said on Oct. 25 that the actor decided to visit China in response to Huaxia’s longtime requests and a signature-collecting campaign held by 10,000 of Bae’s fans asking the actor to visit their country.

“April Snow” had drawn two million viewers in Japan as of Oct. 24, taking in 25 billion won in ticket sales and setting a box-office record among Korean movies shown in Japan.

The movie’s investor and distributor, Showeast, reported on Oct. 25 that it had notified its Chinese counterpart of its plan to open “April Snow” in China on the largest scale ever in the history of Korean movies.

“The exact figures are unavailable yet, but we expect ‘April Snow’ to break the record of ‘Windstruck,’ starring Jeon Ji-hyeon. Plus, Bae’s visit to China will also contribute to the movie’s box-office performance,” said a person from Showeast.


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