October 28, 2005

Amanda’s sexiness overshadows Ella and Stephanie

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Yesterday, Ella Koon, Stephanie Cheng and model, Amanda Strang were all wearing sexy sleepwear for Korean brand, Laneige. The function they attended for Laneige was called ‘Sleeping Beauty Party’. Ella and Stephanie, who both were not familiar with seeing the media in sleepwear, ran around holding toys and pillows. Their sexy essence was nothing compared to the sexy Amanda in sleepwear.

The advertisements for Laneige aired yesterday. Organisers of the function, organised for the designer, Ranee K. to design sleepwear for the three guests. Ranee said that Ella was the sweet type, so she designed a Korean style sleepwear which did not reveal much. Out of the 3, Ella’s sleepwear was the least revealing. Stephanie gave Ranee the feeling of a mermaid, so Ranee designed a set of sleepwear that had material that flowed. Amanda’s midnight blue string held sleepwear was the most sexy and revealing out of the 3. Amanda who grew up in France, was more open and relaxed in her sleepwear and lay down on the bed doing poses for the media to take photos.


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