October 28, 2005

Alex and Gillian Relationship Has Now ‘Ended’

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The ‘Jade Stars Celebration’ Show, which haven’t been shown for 7 years, was broadcasted last night in TVB City. Over 100 singers were there last night for the show.

It is said that Ah Gill has a new boyfriend, and the ‘Alex and Gillian’ relationship is now dead. The rumors started when Alex and Gillian were caught skiing together. Yesterday they performed together for the show, but even in rehearsal time, it’s like they think each other is invisible. Gillian who was wearing a pair of black sunglasses arrived early to TVB City to practice, with a ‘black’ mood. The reporters kept calling her but she pretended not to hear, and ‘disappeared’.

On the other hand, Alex arrived at 3:30 and the reporters asked him about the breakup with Gillian, he immediately raised his hand and said, “Not answering! I don’t know what you’re talking about.” His assistant said they will answer the reporters an hour later, but they never answered again later.

Gillian and Alex appeared in the same stage practicing, but the two of them completely didn’t even greet each other nor talk. Alex avoided the reporters by going to the bathroom and changing. Until 8 o’clock, Alex immediately stepped out and explained that he didn’t try to avoid the reporters but he was just nervous that he will forget his dance steps so he was practicing.

Before the show started, Gillian and her mangager, Mani, agreed to recieve an interview. She denied having a new boyfriend and explained that they are only friends. Regarding about Gillian ‘criticizing’ Alex in a magazine interview, she said, “I did not criticize anyone, I won’t respond to it. In the magazine, it’s them writing it, not me saying me, there’s facts and fake stuff in it. (Are you unhappy with the ‘breakup’?) I will not answer. (Do you have a boyfriend now?) No! (There were reports saying you and Alex broke up two weeks ago, did you have a boyfriend two weeks ago?) I’m not answering. (What’s your relationship with Alex?) We are friends.” Then she immediately rushed into preparing for the performance. Maybe its her black mood, but her performance wasn’t her best that night.


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