October 26, 2005

Mandy Chiang’s First Love Was a Gang Member

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Yesterday Don Li, Mandy Chiang and others attended a PSP function. To match the theme Mandy wore a girl school uniform.

Mandy said that the uniform she was wearing is actually the uniform of her elementary school but in a bigger size. She said, “After finishing school, the uniforms were all thrown away. Because the clothes are changing in stores due to the season, I could only find a bigger size of this uniform. Wearing this uniform reminds me of my first love. I was very timid back then, but later on I met my first love. His body was full of tattoos and was in a gang. I’ve tried convincing him to stop then, but seeing him like that is such a disappointment.”

As with Don, it reminds him of his disobedient childhood. He said, “When I was little there was one time where all the students were taken to a police station because of fights. One time because a friend was fighting, I was brought along to the police station as well, even though it wasn’t me fighting. I even needed to transfer to a new school. After my mom heard that, she quitted her job and picked me up after school everyday to prevent anymore fights.”


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