October 26, 2005

Leo on what happened in Xi’an at interview

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Leo on what happened in Xi’an at interview

On the 25.10.05 at 2.30pm, Leo Ku accepted an interview with the internet site Sina. During the interview Leo promoted his mandarin album, Final Fantasy, answered questions and talked about his experience in Xi’an where he was wearing a police uniform to escape fans.

Since the interview is long, I have only translated the part where he talks about wearing police uniform.

Host: There were a lot of fans in Xi’an. You left in a police uniform?

Leo: (Laughs)

Host: A fan left a message- You arrived back in the hotel you were staying in wearing police uniform. What happened?

Leo: I had a fan meet in Xi’an, when I finished singing and was going to say bye and thank you, four workers practically dragged me off stage. I asked them why they didn’t let me say good bye or thank you. They said to me they did not mean anything bad. They asked me to look at the fans that were getting ready to climb on stage. They only took me off stage to make sure I was safe. I then waited in my room and asked them when we were going. They said that we could not go out because we were surrounded by fans. All the passages are full of your fans and they said they did not know what to do but wait. After half an hour, the police arrived. The police said that wanted to get me out safely and in a way where the fans would not get hurt. Then one of them said to me, “Leo take off your clothes and put on mines.? So I put on the police uniform and gave my clothes to my company’s worker to wear. I could not do anything but listen to the police but wear the uniform and the hat. The head police organised for the fake Leo to be taken out by a group of workers. When the fake Leo got the fans attention, I followed the head police out. Even though I was wearing police uniform and a hat, I was still scared of being uncovered, so the head police held on to me. As we were getting away, a fan noticed me. The head police did not care and kept walking and lead me to the police car. He did not stop until I was out of the place and back at the hotel.

Host: Fans should give singers some space! So you can’t be a police no more!

Leo: No, I only wore the uniform because the head police ordered me to!


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