October 26, 2005

Doctor Says Ella Koon Has Low Blood Pressure

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Yesterday Ella Koon appeared in a function and at the end of the month she would bring a group of people to Malaysia for a visit. With a tired face, Ella said because of alot of work and trying to keep fit, she had once felt dizzy. The doctor had said that she has low blood pressure and will have to keep suger by herself all the time.

It all started when an advertisement company complained that she was too fat and needs to lose some weight. Therefore she is working hard to lose some. She will go to a filament body center for help and reduce her food quantity in half. Along with her workload, her health finally couldn’t take it anymore and she felt dizzy. She went to the doctors for a check and found out that she has low blood pressure.

Ella was asked whether she is worried that her chest will decrease in size. She laughed and said, “I hope the fat will stay there, don’t go away!” Also recently Ella, Ron Ng, and Niki Chow had performed on stage together. But Ron did not look at Ella at all but focused on Niki? Ella just said, “I promised the company that I will not answer these questions, I don’t want to say anymore.”


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