October 26, 2005

Bernice Liu hopes to have 7 kids

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Bernice Liu hopes to have 7 kids

Yesterday Bernice Liu attended a television recycling for charity press conference. Bernice has already given some of her old tvs away for charity and will tell her friends to do the same, Bernice says, “Not all families have enough money to buy televisions. I have recently moved houses and have found an unused tv. So I decided to give it to charity!? Bernice said that her good friends Myolie Wu and Tavia Yueng have also moved house. Frankie Lam has also bought a new television. Bernice told her friends to help this good cause.

Bernice said that she loved watching tv. Not only does she watch TVB to improve her Cantonese, she also watched medical documentaries. Bernice said that when she was younger, she planned to study medicine but then she thought that study medicine would take too many years. Bernice let go of the idea of becoming doctor because she was afraid that by the time she finished medical study and has success in her career, she would be too old to have babies. Bernice said, “The first course I chose was science. But my uncle told me that I would have to study for 7 years. After the 7 years of medical study I would be 30! I want to have 7 kids but it would be too hard at the age of 30!?


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